Tying the Double Uni Knot

The Double Uni knot is one the best knots you can have in your arsenal – particularly for tying mono or fluoro fishing line to braided line.

The Double Uni Knot is strong and very simple to tie. Even in tough conditions with wet or cold fingers, or on a rocking boat or kayak, you can tie this knot effective. (It’s one of the legendary knots in our post on the seven simple knots that cover almost every angling situation.)

See below for complete illustrated instructions on tying the Double Uni Knot. Practice it a couple of times and you’ll have it sorted.

Double Uni Knot tying instructions

double uni knot tying

The Double Uni knot retains 90% of the breaking strain of the line used and is the best choice for most fishing situations that require joining mono/fluoro to braid. As a rough guide use eight turns with the braid line and six or more for the mono/fluoro for lighter tackle scenarios (less turns for heavy mono/fluoro).

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Double Uni Knot video instructions

We plan to do our own video on tying the Double Uni Knot as we did for the tying instructions. Until then we have sourced a simple video tutorial from YouTube for you.

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