How to Tie a Loop Knot – Improved or Non-Slip Version

A great knot for creating a looped connection to give your lure more movement. See our guide to the Non Slip Loop knot for easy step-by-step instructions.

This is a cracker of a knot and a must in any fisherman or woman’s arsenal – that’s why it is in our list of the seven essential fishing knots.

The Non-Slip Loop Knot (also known as the Improved Loop Knot or the Kreh Loop) is for tying on a lure or fly on a loop to allow for more movement and natural action.

We love it because:

  • It is fast and simple to tie
  • It retains a high percentage of the line’s breaking strain
  • It works equally well with braided lines, monofilament lines, and fluorocarbon lines

The Non-Slip Loop Knot is the easiest and most effective way to create a loop connection to your hook or lure – it is basically a simple overhand knot with a few extra steps and is as simple to tie as the Double Uni Knot.

See the diagram below for illustrated step-by-step instructions and the video below if preferred.

And if you were wondering, yes it got the Kreh Loop alias because it was used by fly fishing legend Lefty Kreh to tie on flies when he wanted a loop-to-loop connection rather than a snug connection such as the Pitzen Knot to impart extra movement in his flies.

The Non-slip Loop Knot: Step-By-Step Instructions

Non slip loop knot

The Non-slip Loop Knot Video Tutorial

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