Our Best Braided Fishing Line: 5 AWESOME Picks for 2024 Reviewed

The inside truth on the best braided fishing line. Discover which brand wins for spinning and baitcasting reels in our full review of the 5 top braid brands

We want to help you choose the best braid to spool your reels with and give you some tips here on how to use it.

See below for the five brands of braid that we have reviewed here.

But for those who like to cut to the chase, we like to use Daiwa J-Braid x8 and rate it as the best braided fishing line on the market. It is also very reasonably priced, and the rainbow version allows you to monitor your depth when fishing deep waters.

Our runner-up, and for many people, the best braided fishing line available, is Power Pro. It’s a big name in US-made braided lines, and this four-strand braid is thinner than competing eight-strand lines but retains reasonable smoothness. It’s a little more expensive than J-Braid, but it’s also a great choice.

Daiwa J-Braid x8
Daiwa J-Braid x8
Daiwa J-Braid x8
Our Score

We like to use Daiwa J-Braid x8 and rate it as the best-braided fishing line on the market. It is also very reasonably priced and the rainbow version allows you to monitor your depth when fishing deep waters.

The Best Braided Fishing Line Brands

  1. Daiwa J-Braid x8
  2. Spiderwire Stealth Superline Braid
  3. KastKing Superpower Braid
  4. Power Pro Braid
  5. Berkley Fireline Ultra Braid

Best Braided Fishing Line Specifications

Fishing Line# of strandsColors availableMaterialDiameter at 10lb testNotesCost per yard
Daiwa J-Braid 8x8Dark green, chartreuse, white & multi-colorDyneema0.006”Multicolor allows for depth calculation as color changes every 10m6.9c
Spiderwire Stealth Superline8Moss green, hi-vis yellowDyneema0.008”Color Lock technology to prevent fading6.2c
KastKing Superpower4Grey, green, yellow, blue, and rainbowHigh molecular weight polyethylene 0.004”Durable polyethylene – the same fiber that bulletproof vests are made from5c
Power Pro 4Moss green, white, yellow, and redSpectra0.004”Enhanced body technology8.8c
Berkley FireLine Ultra 88Crystal, flame green, smokeDyneema0.007”Smooth abrasion-resistant coating13.3c
For more info on line diameters, check our detailed chart

Pros and Cons of Braided Line

So why choose a braided line at all? There are lots of reasons to use braid (and a few reasons not to), and we’ve summarised them in this table.

Thinner diameter than mono/fluoroTangles more easily, particularly ultra light braid. And the tangles are harder to rectify
Allows you to cast further and easierTangles more easily, particularly ultra light braid. And the tangles are harder to rectify.
Thin diameter means you can fit more on the spool of ultralight spinning reels and baitcasting reels. No stretch can make for too strong a hookset for fish with fragile mouths and a tough and unforgiving fight when taking on really strong fish.
Thin diameter means you can fit more on the spool of ultralight spinning reels and baitcasting reels Thin diameter means you need to pack more on a reel’s spool unless you pack the reel with mono first so that your chosen length of braid (150 yards is plenty for most light tackle fishing) pads out to within a quarter inch of the rim of the spool for better casting.
Visible in water (yes, this is also a con, but in some circumstances, when using bright braid you can detect a take by the line movement – a trick from fly fishing)It’s more expensive than the monofilament line
Doesn’t break down in UV lightCan be difficult to tie knots with and cut

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How to Tie Braided Line to Your Reel

To tie braided line to your reel, you first need to pad the spool with some monofilament line so it doesn’t cut into the spool. We’d pack a light spinning reel with 10lb of the best mono available to provide a cushion and also to ensure that when we put the 150-yard spool of braid on – particularly with fine braid – it fills out to within a quarter of an inch of the rim of the spool.

This is not a consideration for baitcasting reels, but we still recommend a small section of mono first when spooling a baitcaster to prevent slippage. Some people prefer to use tape on the baitcaster spool to get the required grip, but we think this carries the risk of corrosion because the tape can trap moisture.

Use the arbor knot to connect the mono to the spool for both baitcasting reels and spinning reels.

Connecting Braided Line to Your Leader

You can then use either the double uni knot (simplest) or the FG knot (strongest) to connect the starter mono to the braid (and then again when attaching your leader). Barrel swivels are also an option for these connections.

How Much Braided Line to Put on a Spinning Reel?

For most light tackle and pretty much all freshwater angling, 150 or 200 yards is plenty. By all means, put more if you wish; it’s really a cost thing. Being as thin as it is, with braid, even ultralight spinning reels and baitcasting reels withhold hundreds of meters of it.

What’s the Best Braided Line for Saltwater?

All the brands reviewed here are suitable for saltwater use, and the color and strength should not be impacted by saltwater.

We’d suggest the Daiwa J-Braid x8 or the Kast King Superpower purely because the rainbow color range can enable you to count the depth at which you are fishing, as each colored section is a particular length.

Four-Strand Braid vs Eight-Strand Braid

Four-strand braid has been likened to the off-road tyre equivalent in fishing lines – able to cut through weeds and kelp with its thin profile and more abrasive qualities. Eight-strand braid is more of the on-road tyre equivalent – smoother to the touch and less abrasive through your hands and the guides on your rod.

Which one you choose will depend on your fishing situation – are you fishing lily pads or kelpy rocks? Or in windy areas where line diameter is crucial. Perhaps a four-strand braid. Where finesse is required, maybe an eight-strand braid is better.

Note: four strand braid is also called a four-carrier braid on account of the carrier wheels used to hold the fiber during the weaving process. Ditto with eight strands/eight carriers.

Best Situations for Fishing With Braid

best braided line for salt water

Light Tackle Sport Fishing

Wherever casting long distances accurately and having to detect even the lightest bite is where braid really comes into its own.

Deep Sea Fishing

On heavier gear, when fishing deep reefs or structures, the lack of stretch of braid is vital. If you have 150 yards of line out, you can move your rod tip a couple of yards, and the lure or bait will barely shift from the bottom. The same applies when setting the hook. Braid is a must in this environment.

Fishing Top Water Lures

Braid’s great for fishing with poppers and other types of surface lures. It floats, so it is less prone to tangling on the subsurface structure, and the lack of stretch makes for a better blooping motion with these lures.

Chasing Powerful Fish

The ability to put more line on a given spool size with braid – on account of its lower diameter – means it is a good choice for chasing strong pelagic fish like most species of tuna. It allows you to let them run for longer without getting spooled.

Fishing in Gnarly Structure

Braid, particularly in the higher weight ratings, is more abrasion-resistant to most types of structures than mono. And you can use a thicker – and therefore stronger – class of braid for a given line diameter/castability, so that’s a string to the braid’s bow in these scenarios.

Full Reviews of the Best Braided Fishing Lines

Daiwa J-Braid x8
Daiwa J-Braid x8
Daiwa J-Braid x8
Our Score

This is a great Japanese-made smooth 8-strand braid that we love. We have several reels spooled with J-Braid and find it great for casting distance and accuracy, boasts good abrasion resistance and retains its color. We find it is also great for retaining knot strength.

Key features:

  • High-quality Dyeema fibre
  • Available in rainbow for depth count
  • Smooth feel and extra 10% on each spool (327 yards)
Spiderwire Stealth Superline
Spiderwire Stealth Superline
Spiderwire Stealth Superline
Our Score

Spiderwire is a well respected line brand that is particularly highly regarded for its braid. This 8 strand braid is known for its smoothness. Spiderwire’s Color Lock technology gives it good resistance against fading and we’ve never had any issues with it losing colour when we use it.

Key features

  • Fluoropolymer treated microfibers make these lines even smoother
  • Color lock technology prevents fading in salt water and UV light
  • Retains round shape
KastKing Superpower
KastKing Superpower
KastKing Superpower
Our Score

KastKing SuperPower braided fishing line is an affordable four-strand braid. It is strong, doesn’t stretch, is abrasion resistant, and won’t break the bank. A good choice for those on a budget, it comes in four color options.

Key features

  • Rainbow color option for depth counting
  • Well priced
  • Thin


Power Pro
Power Pro
Power Pro
Our Score

Many anglers’ first choice braid, Power Pro is a smooth, round four-strand braid. Like other four-strand braids, it is very thin for its strength rating, but the way it is made ensures it is smoother than most and arguably fishes more like an 8 strand braid. 

Key features:

  • Enhanced Body Technology
  • Provides a rounder, smoother, slicker, and structurally superior braid
Berkley Fireline Ultra
Berkley Fireline Ultra
Berkley Fireline Ultra
Our Score

This is an award-winning braided line that’s renowned for being a bit stiffer than most, which arguably makes it less prone to tangles and overruns and makes it a bit easier to handle. As an eight strand briad it is a little thicker in diameter than four-strand lines, but it’s smoother and casts just as well. This US-made line is a favourite of many anglers.

Key features

  • Smooth abrasion resistant coating
  • Thermally fused


Check out how the braided fishing line we love to use is manufactured.

Best Braided Line for Baitcasters In 2024

Braided lines and baitcasting reels are a match made in heaven. Spooled with a good quality braid, a baitcasting combo will cast accurately at long distances. The non-stretch braid also allows you to feel not only bites from fish but also the bottom structure if you are using a good baitcasting rod.

But the big thing to be conscious of is the potential for tangles. A bad backlash or bird’s nest with a baitcaster spooled with braid can mean cutting the whole line out and starting again.

That’s why it is important to go with the higher-quality braided lines listed here in this article. All of these lines – the J-Braid, Spiderwire, Power Pro, the KastKing, and the Berkley Fireline – are all fine for baitcasting applications.

These lines are all low-memory, supple braided fishing lines that are manufactured to precise tolerances. No line is going to be completely tangle-proof with a baitcaster if you don’t thumb that spool to prevent overrun, but these are the least likely to tangle.

For more on choosing a line for baitcasting reels check our full article on this topic. If using braid with your baitcaster, don’t forget to tie on (using an Arbor Knot) some nylon line first to the baitcaster spool to provide a bit of cushioning for the braided and to prevent slipping around the spool.

Best Braided Line for Spinning Reels In 2024

For spinning reels, tangles are not as big an issue, and you don’t have to worry about backlashes. That’s not to say you have to be careful to avoid tangles when using a spinning reel spooled with braid – it is still an issue, especially in the wind, but it is less problematic than when you are using a baitcasting reel.

While a spinning outfit spooled with braid won’t be as accurate as a baitcasting outfit (thanks to the ability to slow or stop the cast by thumbing the spool), it can still be a great sportfishing outfit. And thanks to the design of the spinning reel, it is actually better for casting lightweight lures. This kind of ultralight fishing, with 1/32 oz jig heads or other small lures, can be brilliant fun, and braid is by far and away the best choice. My Shimano Stradic Ci4+ spooled with braid is by far and away my first choice of reel for ultralight fishing, and it is awesome to use.

When choosing a braid for spinning reels, the usual factors are important – like with baitcasting reels, low memory, and suppleness are an advantage. The braid you choose should hold its color, too. There’s nothing worse than braided lines that fade rapidly.

All of the braided lines listed here – the J-Braid, Spiderwire, Power Pro, the KastKing, and the Berkley Fireline – are great for spinning reels.

Best Braided Line for Saltwater Fishing In 2024

All these brands of braid are good for saltwater fishing. If we had to pick one for deepwater use in the salt, it would be the KastKing rainbow-colored braid, both for its good color-fast performance and the fact that its rainbow coloring allows you to keep track of how much line you’ve got out.

Final Thoughts on the Best Braided Fishing Line

If you are yet to discover the versatility and castability of fishing with braided line, we’d say, “What are you waiting for?” You need at least one combo spooled with braided in most fishing situations. Put some J-Braid on your reel, and you are a long way to improving your fishing enjoyment and catch rate.

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