Salmon Fishing: Catching and Cooking This Great Fish

Salmon are a great fish to catch and are wonderful to eat. You’ll find all the info you need here on catching salmon on lure and fly and cooking them

It is no wonder anglers love to chase salmon – they are an amazing fish. Strong, gorgeous to look at and excellent to eat – in many ways they are the consumate sport fish.

Then there is their amazing ability to return to their birthplace with unerring accuracy to spawn and give birth to the next generation of salmon.

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Fishing For Salmon: Lure and Fly

Fishing for salmon is not always easy. While they will feed at sea, once they return to the river of their birth – which is where the majority of anglers target them – they won’t feed much at all. So fishing techniques for salmon revolve around trying to get a reaction strike. That’s why flies and lures for salmon tend to be quite flashy with lots of movement and color.

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Cooking and Eating Salmon

As well as being a great fish to catch, salmon are also a great eating fish. You can eat them grilled (a great way to savor the rich flavor of salmon) or poached in a curry sauce. Then there is smoked salmon – another great way to enjoy this wonderful eating fish.

We’ve included some of our latest content on eating salmon below.

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