Bluegill Fishing: Tips, Gear and Techniques

Bluegill are plentiful, love eating a lure or a fly and taste great. For those reasons they are one of the most popular fish to catch in the US. Bluegill …

Bluegill are plentiful, love eating a lure or a fly and taste great. For those reasons they are one of the most popular fish to catch in the US.

Bluegill anglers love getting out to their local pond or lake and finding some of these feisty fish.

The Tackel Village team are no different with many of authors dedicated bluegill anglers.

In this page we’ve brought together their best bluegill content covering tips for catching bluegill and facts about bluegill.

Tips for Catching Bluegill

Bluegill are great to catch on lure or fly as they hit these artificials with aggression and it is possible to catch many in a session. Bluegill can also be caught with bait too. In the articles below we cover all these techniques as well as providing advice on which lures to use for bluegill.

Panfish Hook Size Feature Image

Panfish Hook Size (& Type): Crappie, Bluegill & More

Panfish are a popular target for many anglers due to their large population numbers around the country, their delicious flavor and flaky meat, and their willingness to take lures and …

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What is a panfish feature image

The 10 Best Lures for Panfish: Baits for Bluegill, Crappie and More

Panfishing is a popular pastime for anglers of all skill levels and for good reason. These small but feisty fish can be found in large numbers in many bodies of …

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Fly Fishing For Bluegill Feature image

Fly Fishing for Bluegill: Essential How-To Guide

Some of my earliest memories are of stepping through a barbed-wire fence and following my dad and brother down a dirt trail leading to a local pond to chase hungry …

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Do Bluegill BIte at Night Feature Image

Do Bluegill Bite at Night? (After Dark Tips)

Fishing is a sport and a hobby that is fun in the daytime as well as at night. When you’re doing some night fishing, you might decide to fish randomly …

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How to catch bluegill feature image

How to Catch Bluegill: 7 Great Tips

Bluegill are an excellent panfish for anglers of all experience levels to catch. Whether you are fishing up a rod for the first time, or have been on the professional …

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All About Bluegill

To catch bluegill it helps to understand more about this sunfish species. In these articles we cover some of the basic facts about bluegill such as when then spawn, where they fit in the sunfish family (and compared to other panfish) and what they are like to eat. We’ve also included our popular article on the biggest bluegill ever caught.

When do bluegill spawn feature image of a bluegill underwater 1

When do Bluegill Spawn: Times, Seasons and Locations

Get the low down on when bluegill spawn with this complete guide detailing seasons, spawning locations and how to catch them during the spawn
Do Bass Eat Bluegill Feature Image

Do Bass Eat Bluegill? They Sure Do!

The short answer is ‘yes’ – bass do eat bluegill. In fact bluegill are one of the main food sources for bass in many areas. Bass, especially Largemouth bass, Smallmouth …

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What are bluegill like to eat feature image proper

What does bluegill taste like? A Tasty Freshwater Fish

Small panfish are not only fun to catch but incredibly tasty to eat. One of the best-tasting fish is the bluegill. These small fish have flaky, white meat that is …

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Bluegill vs Sunfish Feature image

Bluegill Vs Sunfish: Key Differences & Correct Terminology

A bluegill is one of a number of species that belong to the sunfish family. Learn more about bluegill and the other sunfish species in this article
World Record Bluegill

Current World Record Bluegill: The Biggest Ever Caught

The current IGFA world record for bluegill dates back to 1947 and was a fish of 15″ long that weighed 4 pounds and 12 caught in Alabama
Crappie vs Bluegill

Crappie vs Bluegill: What Is the Difference Between Them?

Bluegill and Crappie are two of the most highly desired freshwater fish. If you ever went on a fishing trip as a kid, you probably caught one of these small …

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