Yeti Crossroads Backpack Review: Style and Comfort

Discover the ultimate adventure companion! Our in-depth Yeti Crossroads Backpack review unveils its durability, comfort, and functionality. Find out more now!

Yeti may be well-known for their coolers and insulated mugs but they have broadened their horizons into the world of backpacks.

The Yeti Crossroads Backpack is something of a hybrid between an everyday city backpack and a tough, outdoor-ready kit bag.

In this article, we give our full review of the Crossroads including why we found it to be so practical during everyday life, although it may not be the prettiest bag you have ever seen.

YETI Crossroads Backpack Review

Yeti Crossroads Backpack
Yeti Crossroads Backpack
Yeti Crossroads Backpack
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The Yeti Crossroads Backpack has been designed to fit into your life like a traditional backpack while also being able to withstand the rigors of nature.

It is made from 700 denier Tuffskin nylon, which is water- and abrasion-resistant yet still seems to fit into everyday life without any issue.

Practicality and convenience are built into this pack thanks to the multiple compartments and zippers.

We found that it had enough room for day-to-day items and the fact that it comes in a range of sizes means you should be able to find the right size Crossroads for you.

One of the cool things about this bag is that there are 2 pockets that have been designed to hold your Yeti Rambler - Yeti has thought of everything with the Crossroads!

  • There is a compartment suitable for most laptops that is padded all the way around - 360-degree protection for your computer.
  • Multiple access points allow you to get to what you need in your pack without having to take everything else out.
  • EVA foam shoulder straps make it extremely comfortable to carry on your back even when it is fully loaded.
  • Made from extremely high-quality materials that can handle everything you throw at it
  • Stands up on its own so it keeps everything in order and secure even when not on your back
  • Perfect size for an everyday carry pack or carry-on bag
  • It is more rigid than other backpacks due to the amount of padding and protection the bag offers which can take some getting used to
  • The zippers can be a bit stiff due to their ability to keep water out
  • With all the compartments and pockets, the Crossroads seems smaller than the carrying capacity it is designed to have

Yeti Crossroads Backpack: Further Details

Range/Capacity: 22L, 27L, and 35L

Yeti always seems to get it right when it comes to what people want from their products.

The Crossroads is no exception in that it comes in three sizes making the backpack even better suited to your needs.

The three Yeti Crossroads backpacks in the range are the 22L, 27L, and 35L.

If you want a backpack that is best suited to everyday commuting and city life, the 22L Crossroads will be your best bet. This version has flip-top vault pocket access and gives you high levels of accessibility while wearing it on your back.

Heading out into the wild for the day requires a bit more space – this is where the 27L Crossroads comes in. It has a wide-opening main compartment to make sure you can get all of your kit in and out easily. Even though it is at home in the wild, it is also equally able to fit right in during a day trip into the city.

The 35L Crossroads is the one for you if you need a bag somewhere between the size of a traditional backpack and a suitcase. This version features a clamshell opening, and a TSA-friendly laptop compartment so you won’t anger airport security, and it can be used as carry-on luggage.

Yeti has quite a broad Crossroads line that not only includes backpacks but also duffel bags, packing cubes, and roller luggage.

Best Uses

The Yeti Crossroads is a pretty adaptable backpack that can be used in multiple scenarios.

If you are heading out on a business trip where you will be doing quite a bit of walking, the Crossroads looks stylish and professional enough to be carried around in full business attire. Having to carry your laptop, notes, lunch, etc. in a handheld bag or briefcase can quickly get uncomfortable – being able to wear the Crossroads on your back while still maintaining your professional look is extremely useful.

As previously mentioned in this article, it is also very capable of handling all the rigors of outdoor life. This makes the Crossroads a good choice as a kit bag for a day trip into the wild.

Carry-on Compliance

If you are a keen flyer who likes to travel light, the Crossroads makes for a perfect carry-on bag.

While you should always double-check the rules regarding carry-on bags with the airline you are traveling with, the Yeti Crossroads backpacks tick most of the boxes on a good majority of airlines.

By using this backpack as a carry-on, you have plenty of storage space for a lot of kit so you will probably end up with more of your luggage in the cabin with you rather than having to store it all in your suitcase in the hold.

Materials & Look

Yeti Crossroads looks awesome and makes enough of a statement to be cool without making you stand out from the crowd too much.

Yeti has made these backpacks to be tough and durable. Making them from TuffSkin nylon means that they can comfortably handle the bumps and scrapes that come with travel and outdoor adventures.

The look of the Crossroads packs is very cool. Yeti have toned down their usual bright color ranges and have instead gone for plainer colors that make the Crossroads a very professional-looking pack.

Even the Yeti logo is in the same color as your pack. While most brands want their name and branding to stand out on all of their products, it looks like Yeti has understood the need for a more subtle approach on the Crossroads.

The look of the Yeti Crossroads is interesting, to say the least. It is one of those looks that some people will love and others won’t!

We think it looks awesome and makes enough of a statement to be cool without making you stand out from the crowd too much.

That being said, the rigidity of the pack does give it quite a solid square look which some might find less appealing.

One of the best things about the TuffSkin nylon is that it can be wiped clean with warm water and dish soap. There’s nothing worse than a stained and dirty backpack so we really like this about the Crossroads.

Shoulder Straps

The shoulder straps on the Yeti Crossroads are heavily padded with EVA foam making them extremely comfortable to wear.

You could argue that the padding is a little excessive considering the size and weight of the pack, however, it fits in perfectly with Yeti’s ethos of over-engineering their products. The extra padding will certainly be appreciated if you fully load your pack and have a lot of walking to do.

Inside the Pack

There’s a pocket or compartment for everything inside the Yeti Crossroads so it is best for carrying practicality & convenience.

The Yeti Crossroads is full of pockets, compartments, zippers, and holders.

We already mentioned earlier about the two water bottle holders on the sides of the pack that are designed to fit your Yeti Rambler in comfortably.

There’s also the laptop compartment to keep your computer safely stored away and protected while you are on the move.

The quick-access pocket on the front of the pack (technically not inside we know!) quickly flips open and is ideal for storing the things you will need to get hold of throughout the day such as keys, headphones, wallet, etc.

In all sizes of the Yeti Crossroads, you will see a zippered mesh pocket inside the main compartment of the backpack. These mesh pockets are useful for storing documents, notes, and other similar items.

The actual main compartment of the pack has enough space for all of your day-to-day items although it can quickly get quite cramped inside if all the compartments are being used at the same time.

In simple terms, there’s pretty much a pocket or compartment for everything inside the Yeti Crossroads so it has all the bases covered when it comes to carrying practicality and convenience.


Whenever anyone talks about a product from Yeti, the price gets mentioned. This is understandable as Yeti products are by no means budget-friendly.

The Yeti Crossroads line ranges from $199.99 up to $249.99 depending on what size backpack you choose.

While this sounds like a lot to spend on a backpack, this is a backpack that will last a very long time as it is so well made using high-quality and long-lasting materials.

You also need to take into consideration the three-year warranty you get with the Crossroads too. Yeti is so confident that their products will stand up to the rigors of city and outdoor life that they will resolve any manufacturing issues quickly and for free if anything goes wrong in the first three years of ownership.

Final Thoughts on the Yeti Crossroads Backpack Range

The Yeti Crossroads Backpack is well-made, tough, durable, practical, and convenient.

It makes for an ideal work bag, day pack, or carry-on.

The Crossroads range includes packing cubes, duffel bags, and backpacks in various sizes making the entire Crossroads line suited to pretty much any situation.

Considering Yeti is known for coolers and insulated mugs, they have done a great job with this backpack and we certainly love it!

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