How to tie a hook or lure on your line: Pitzen Knot

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How to tie a hook or lure on your line: Pitzen Knot

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With knots, we like to keep things simple at Tackle Village.

And when you come to tie a hook or lure on when using monofilament or fluorocarbon line, there is no better and easier knot than the Pitzen Knot, or 16-20 Knot (it is also called the Eugene Bend).


  • It retains more than 95% of the line’s breaking strain
  • It is simple to tie and can be learned in a few minutes
  • It can be tied in any conditions – cold fingers, rocking boat or when you have spotted a big fish!
  • Because it cinches up with a little ‘pop’ it is easy to tell when it is tied correctly

How do you tie the Pitzen Knot?

See below for Illustrated instructions on how to tie a hook on (or a lure or fly) using the Pitzen Knot, as well as video instructions. Check here for some more great and simple fishing knots. Along with the FG Knot for braid to mono/fluoro connections, it is one of our favourite knots. For the best looped connection in mono/fluoro, best to use the Non Slip Loop Knot.

Pitzen Knot

Tying the Pitzen Knot with fluorocarbon line

With fluorocarbon, which of course can be stiffer and more difficult to handle than monofilament lines, the Pitzen Knot really comes into its own.

The tying procedure is exactly the same and, as always, lubricate the knot before pulling it tight and listen/feel for that trademark “pop” as the coils slide into place.

Pitzen Knot uses

The Pitzen Knot is most popular among fly anglers who are usually highly focused on knot strength because they are using fine tippets and leaders to fool wary fish such as trout.

In fact several of its names were bestowed upon it by famous fly fishing identities. Edgar Pitzenbauer, who it is named after, was a German angler. Fly fishing legend Lefty Kreh is said to have used the knot and gave it the simple title the Fisherman’s Knot.

And the 16-20 Knot alias come from a select group of anglers who used the knot to land a 16lb salmon on a #20 fly! Finally, the Eugene Bend name honours Ken Eugene from the San Jose Fly Casters Club.

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