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Tying the Glister Nymph

The Glister Nymph is a simple nymph pattern designed (as far as I know!) by New Zealand fishing guide Chris Dore.

Chris’ philosophy on fly tying is to keep it simple producing quick-to-tie patterns that are effective in wide variety of situations.

I’ve tied this in the bead-headed variant, but it works equally well as an unweighted nymph using the self-weight of the hook or a few wraps of lead wire.

This nymph should be tied in sizes 12-18. I use this nymph – and the Pheasant Tail Nymph – as my two standard river nymph patterns and can vouch for how well each works.

Pictorial instructions for tying the Glister Nymph are below and video instructions at the bottom of this article.

Materials list:

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