Fenwick HMX vs HMG Rods – Which One Should You Buy?

Fenwick Rods have been popular with anglers for over 45 years and were some of the first graphite rods on the market. Featuring high-quality materials, excellent craftsmanship, and attention to …

Fenwick Rods have been popular with anglers for over 45 years and were some of the first graphite rods on the market. Featuring high-quality materials, excellent craftsmanship, and attention to the fine details, Fenwick creates some of the best rods available to today’s fishermen.

In this article, we talk about the differences between these two ranges. Scroll down if you want to jump straight to the reviews of the:

Fenwick HMX vs HMG Model Numbers Explained

Fenwick creates a variety of models and styles, but their basic lineup comes from the HMX and HMG series. When comparing the Fenwick HMX vs HMG and other Fenwick rods, you can easily see what features the rod has by studying the model number.

For example:

  • HMX56ULMFS2   is a 5’6” ultralight Fenwick rod with medium fast action in the 2-piece model.
  • HMG60MFS is a 6’0” medium power Fenwick rod with fast action and is one piece.

Fenwick Hmx vs Hmg Compared – What Are the Differences?

fenwick HMX vs HMG


The HMX and HMG series both come in a variety of lengths to fit any application. From short, powerful 5’0” lengths to long casting 7’6” lengths, Fenwick is sure to have a rod that fits your fishing style.

The HMX rods are available in lengths from 5’0” to 7’6” and have 5-8 line guides.

The HMG rods are available in lengths from 6’0” to 7’6” and have 7 line guides.

Fenwick HMG vs HMX: Rod Action

Fenwick rods are designed with moderate to fast action, making them ideal for any type of sport fishing. From the fast action of the HMX 7’6” casting rod to the moderate action of the HMX 5’0” spinning rod, the Fenwick brand makes it easy to throw accurate casts and has quick, strong hooksets. 

The HMG graphite rod series goes from moderate to very fast rod action, while the HMX series goes from moderate fast to fast.

Blank Construction/Material

Both the HMG and HMX series are created from graphite core blanks. The HMG series also adds a carbon-wrapped layer for extra strength and durability.

Line Guides

Having high-quality line guides is important for long casting and line protection. Fenwick uses the finest stainless steel for their line guides. The HMX series has one-piece stainless guides, while the HMG series has one-piece steel with zirconium inserts for extra smooth casting.

Fenwick HMG vs HMX: Power

The HMX series goes from ultra light up to heavy power, while the HMG series only goes from ultra light up to medium power, meaning the HMX rod will be able to perform better with heavier lines and lures.


Fenwick graphite rods are well-balanced and lightweight. HMG rods weigh from 3.0-6.5 ounces, while HMX rods weigh 2.89-6.2 ounces. One or two-piece cork handles create a comfortable hold.

Fenwick HMG vs HMX: Warranty

Fenwick offers a nice warranty on each product. The HMX series has a 5-year limited warranty, while the HMG series has a lifetime warranty that many anglers prefer.  

Fenwick HMG Spinning Series Reviewed

The Fenwick HMG spinning rod has long been a favorite of anglers. It features a comfortable full cork handle with a secure, locking spinning reel seat. The carbon-wrapped blank is strong and long-lasting. Lightweight and balanced, this rod will give you hours of fishing fun without wearing you out.

  • Strong Carbon wrapped graphite blank
  • Ultralight power for super sensitivity when fishing for panfish
  • Weighs just 2.9-4.5 ounces

Who it suits: This is a classic lightweight spinning rod suited to a variety of applications. An ultra-light power option and fast action make ultralight fishing for crappie, other panfish, or trout fun for all ages and experience levels. 

Fenwick HMX Spinning Series Reviewed

The Fenwick HMX graphite rod is one of the most versatile spinning rods on the market. The spinning series is available in lengths from 5’0” to 7’6”; it fits every angler’s needs. The shorter length is perfect for flicking worms under a dock or into a clearing. The fast action makes setting the hook easy with just one tug.

  • Comes in a variety of lengths, power ratings, and actions
  • Long, straight cork handle with locking reel seat
  • Steel guides with zirconium inserts

Who it suits: This is a great rod for freshwater or saltwater fishing. The short length gives great leverage when hoisting out big slab crappie or bumping jigs over logs. The longer 7’6” pole is perfect for long casts across streams or rivers. 


Fenwick HMG Casting Rod Reviewed

The Fenwick HMG casting rod is limber and lightweight. It has a tapered cork and composite handle with an adjustable locking reel seat. 7 steel guides guarantee long, accurate casts. The very fast action allows you to feel the first thump.

  • Medium to heavy power for larger lures and deeper presentations
  • Very fast action for superior tip sensitivity
  • Carbon-wrapped for extra strength and durability

Who it suits: This graphite rod is a bass fisher’s dream and a favorite rod for many anglers. Lightweight but strong enough for the heaviest spinners and spoons, the HMG casting rod is accurate and quick. Medium to heavy power means less flex. 

Fenwick HMX Casting Rod Reviewed

The Fenwick HMX casting lineup offers a wide variety of options for fishermen of all ages and abilities. The long length of this rod makes it easy to throw the bait where you want it to go. These one or two-piece rods are made from high-quality graphite blanks with 7 stainless steel guides. This powerful rod can handle heavy lines with ease. 

  • Medium to heavy power in a stiffer, stronger rod
  • Lightweight and balanced with a comfortable cork handle
  • Affordable price for great value

Who it suits: Whether you are after walleye or pike in the lake or flounder in the bay, this powerful rod can do the job. Able to handle the thickest line and heaviest jigs, you can’t go wrong with the HMX if you are after the big fish. 

Final Thoughts on Fenwick HMG vs HMX

All of Fenwick’s rods are great, and it is hard to choose a favorite. The versatility of the Fenwick HMX line makes it a great choice, no matter what type of fishing you do. From the fast action of the 6 and 7-foot rods to the ultralight action of the 5-foot HMX50ULMFS, there is one for everybody. 

The HMG series is a bit better in terms of strength and quality with the carbon-wrapped fiber and the zirconium-lined guides. This series does not offer as many options of length and power, so that might be a factor in deciding which rod is right for you. 

Overall, the Fenwick HMG and HMX lines are very similar and offer exceptional quality at a reasonable price. The HMX has a five-year warranty, and the nicer quality HMG line has a lifetime warranty. Considering the slight difference in price between the two lines, this reviewer would choose the HMG line based on the superior quality of construction and the extended warranty. 

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