Casting Rods Explained: A Complete Guide

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Baitcasting rods are the most popular choice of outfit for bass fishing and fishing for a range of other species.

Paired with a baitcasting reel, these outfits can be used to punch out accurate and long casts.

The ability to thumb the spool enables the angler to stop the cast making casting combos the best choice for anglers targeting structure (check this article for more on the advantages of baitcasting rods vs spinning rods).

Baitcasting Rod Parts

Daiwa Tatula casting rod product image

A baitcasting consists of the rod blank itself (either carbon fiber or fibreglass or a combo of the two), the rod guides, the reel seat and trigger, and the grip.

The grips can be cork, as in the Daiwa Tatula model picture above, or EVA foam in other models.

Baitcasting Rods Reviewed

Our team has used a wide range of baitcasting rods over the years and have carefully reviewed some of our favourite models breaking the reviews down into the best baitcasting rods for a range of purposes and fish species.

Fenwick HMG Baitcasting Casting Rod Product Image
The Fenwick HMG is one of our favourite baitcasting rods

Baitcasting rods by lure type or of species

When it comes to choosing a baitcasting rod, anglers need to pay attention to the type of lures they are fishing, the kind of retrieve that’s required and also the type of species they are going to target. The type of structure at the kind of fishing spots that an angler likes to frequent are also relevant consideration – do you a long rod for casting distance, or is there a canopy of trees above that makes a shorter rod a better choice. Do you need some give in the rod to avoid pulling the hook, or a fast action stick that can really put the hurt on a fish that’s hell bent on getting back into structure after taking your lure.

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