Best Chatterbait Rod: Our 8 Top Picks Reviewed

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Chatterbait fishing is fun and relatively easy, but finding the right rod to fish them with can be a challenge for many anglers. In this post, we will look at some of the best rods to use for chatter bait fishing, as well as what to look for in a rod to throw them and other important information. 

Best Chatterbait Rod: Quick Picks

Here are our quick picks on the best three fishing rods based on three categories, overall best chatterbait rod, best budget rod, and best ultralight rod.

Best Overall
G Loomis IMX Pro

This is an awesome rod, not just for Chatterbait fishing, the whole line of IMX pro rods is great.

It's innovative features like the multi-taper system coupled with exceptional performance and durability place this on the top of our list for the best chatterbait rods on the market.

Best budget
Abu Garcia Vengeance

This rod will do awesome at fishing with chatter bait and can hold its own with many rods that cost considerably more. It comes from a well-known company that is known for producing quality fishing gear, and it will serve many anglers who choose to fish it well.

Best Ultralight Pick
St. Croix Triumph

St. Croix is renowned for making some of the best fishing rods on the market. And if you want a lightweight offering that can handle smaller chatter bait presentations, then the Triumph has you covered.

If the rod is made by St. Croix, you can rest assured that everything from the components to the graphite banks is of the highest quality.

Best Chatterbait Rods: Full Reviews

Dobyns Rods Sierra Series  DC734CFH
Dobyns Rods Sierra Series  DC734CFH
Dobyns Rods Sierra Series  DC734CFH
Our Score

Dobyns produces their rods with the highest quality materials. High modulus graphite blanks, Fuji reel seats, kevlar wrappings, and premium Portuguese cork grips.

The Sierra rod is also known for having pinpoint accuracy thanks to its perfect balancing and is incredibly comfortable for all-day use thanks to its 14-inch full cork handle.

  • High modulus graphite
  • 14-inch handle made from high-quality Portuguese cork
  • Kevlar wrapping
G. Loomis IMX Pro MBR Casting Fishing Rod, 7'6
G. Loomis IMX Pro MBR Casting Fishing Rod, 7'6
G. Loomis IMX Pro MBR Casting Fishing Rod, 7'6
Our Score

G Loomis is one of the premier rod brands on the market today for a wide variety of species; they are known for high-quality construction and reliability.

The IMX pro rod is 15% lighter than the previous line of G Loomis rods while maintaining the same levels of strength crucial for chatterbait fishing.

The IMX pro also features the G Loomis multi-taper design, which incorporates several tapers in the rod blank or "micro tapers" that are incorporated into the overall blank taper.

  • Multi-taper design
  • High-quality brand and construction
  • 15% decrease in overall weight
Phenix M1 Inshore Series 7' 7
Phenix M1 Inshore Series 7' 7
Phenix M1 Inshore Series 7' 7
Our Score

The M1 rod by Phenix features increased strength while still maintaining a lightweight rod.

For maximum comfort, the M1 features a split grip design coupled with EVA foam. The rod also features high-quality Fuji O-ring guides and an extended foregrip for maximum leverage.

  • Fuji O-rings
  • EVA split grips
  • Extended foregrip
Abu Garcia Vengeance Rod 7' 6
Abu Garcia Vengeance Rod 7' 6
Abu Garcia Vengeance Rod 7' 6
Our Score

The Vengeance rod by Abu Garcia is a great budget option for those looking for a great chatterbait rod. at an affordable price.

Featuring 24-ton graphite construction and zirconium graphite guides, high-density EVA handles for ultimate comfort and durability, balanced design, and hook keeper, you are getting a lot of quality and a price that's considerably easy on the wallet compared to other rods on the market.

  • 24-ton graphite
  • Zirconium graphite rods
  • High-density EVA handles
St. Croix Triumph 7' 6
St. Croix Triumph 7' 6
St. Croix Triumph 7' 6
Our Score

For the Crappie anglers out there, the St. Croix Triumph rod is a great option to cast small-sized chatterbaits for big crappie.

The triumph features St. Croixs' premium SCIII carbon construction with their fortified resin system for strength and durability that is unparalleled in the fishing industry.

The rod also features premium-grade cork handles, which are contoured to provide maximum grip as well as comfort.

Other great features that set the triumph apart are the sea guide atlas Performance SS304 line guides, sea guide XDPS reel seat, and two coats of flex-coat slow cure for a great finish and rod blank protection.

  • SCIII carbon construction
  • Sea guideline guides and reel seat
  • Two-layer Flex Coat finish
St. Croix Mojo bass 7'6
St. Croix Mojo bass 7'6
St. Croix Mojo bass 7'6
Our Score

The St. Croix mojo bass rod is a great mid-price rod that has become incredibly popular among anglers.

Featuring SCII blanks and IPC tooling technology, The Mojo Bass series of rods are extremely balanced as well as sensitive while coming in at 15% lighter than their St. Croix predecessors.

These Rods have some great features and technology at an amazing price point. All rods come with 2 coats of flex coat, split grip handles, premium-grade cork, and a Kigan hook keeper.

 The moderate/fast action of this rod gives you the perfect combination of backbone coupled with a quick tip for exceptional hook sets.

  • Split grip cork handles
  • Two coats of flex coat
  • Light and balanced
Fenwick HMG Inshore 7' Heavy
Fenwick HMG Inshore 7' Heavy
Fenwick HMG Inshore 7' Heavy
Our Score

The Fenwick HMG inshore rod is built tough with 30-ton graphite blanks, and the blanks are also  Carbon Bound with a spiraled carbon threading for additional strength and precise action.

Other parts of the rod are also high-quality with Fuji guides and stainless steel deep pressed frames that also include alconite inserts.

The HMG also features a Sea-Guide Soft Touch Alien Reel Seat for maximum comfort, and the reel seat also has a Positive Lock design to ensure your reel sits rock solid into the seat.

  • AAA full cork handle
  • Excellent rod seat
  • Tough as nails rod blank
KastKing Speed Demon 7' 11
KastKing Speed Demon 7' 11
KastKing Speed Demon 7' 11
Our Score

The speed demon fishing rod incorporates some awesome blank construction technology with elite carbon blanks that utilize carbon nanotube resins.

This construction process increases strength, reduces weight, and provides amazing sensitivity.

The fast action couple with a medium power blank will also work well for other lure types such as spinnerbaits.

The Speed demon also features Fuji reel seats and guides, as well as Custom Winn handles and grips that will ensure you have optimum grip in any weather conditions.

  • Fuji reel seat and guides
  • Winn handles and grips
  • Innovative and durable blank construction

Chatterbait Rod Selection

Best Rod Material for Chatterbaits

Most anglers would agree that a rod constructed of graphite are the best for chatterbait rods. They have the backbone needed to handle the heavy resistance that chatterbaits impart on the rods, whereas fiberglass rods have too much flex and are more suited to crankbait fishing.

Best Rod Action for Chatterbait

Chatterbait rods with moderate to fast rod action are preferred for most anglers, as this allows for fast bends and quick hooksets. Chatterbait fishing is similar to spinnerbait fishing in many ways.

Chatterbaits are also fished in the same areas as spinnerbaits in many cases, so when looking for a chatterbait rod, a good option is to choose rods that are similar to rods used in spinnerbait fishing but with increased power and backbone.

Best Rod Power

The best chatterbait rod power will be medium/heavy to heavy. This ensures that the rod isn’t underpowered as a result of the large amounts of drag and resistance encountered when fishing with a chatterbait.

Chatterbaits move a large amount of water due to their large bill, and the high amount of vibration and drag will cause rods that are understrength to suffer from poor hooksets due to over-flexing.

Best Rod Length

The best rod length for fishing rods that will be fished with chatterbaits is from the 7′ to 7’6″ range. These rods give the angler great casting and are great for long swinging hooksets with maximum leverage.

Final Thoughts on the Best Rod for Throwing Chatterbaits

Rods for chatterbaits are a great example of the need for a certain type of rod based on power, action, and design.

Many lures require specific rods in order to be fished properly, and that’s why you see many serious anglers with 5 to 10 fishing rods in a boat, all rigged with different styles of lures. 

Rods for chatterbaits are a great example of the need for a certain type of rod based on power, action, and design.

The rods on this list will undoubtedly work well for chatterbaits, and if you are in the market for a rod with the intention of using at chatter bait, we have you covered. 

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