The Best Fly Box: 10 Top Picks for Dry Flies, Nymphs & Streamers (2024)

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Best Saltwater Fly Box Feature Image of a CF box CFGS 3544

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Fly boxes are one of those pieces of fishing equipment that can last multiple generations. If properly cared for, there’s no reason a few fly boxes can’t last you your entire fishing career. They’re vital to your success, so it’s important you choose boxes that are durable.

Here is our guide to the best fly boxes.

Best Fly Boxes Quick Picks:

Best Fly Box for Dry Flies
C&F-2508-F Medium Fly Box

The C&F Medium Fly Box has four sets of 8 rows for you to store your fly box. The covers are see-through, and it's built very well! You won't struggle to locate flies, and you can store almost 800 of them!

Best Fly Box for Nymphs
Tacky Fly Box

The Tacky Fly Box from Fishpond is hard to beat. You have two separate sections for you to store your nymphs. The traditional foam slits and the nymph "holes" allow for your beadheads to not get stuck and in the way.

Best Fly Box for Trout Streamers
Cliff The Bugger Barn

The Cliff Bugger Barn is a perfect streamer fly box. There are no designated slits, so you can organize your streamers however you need. Plus, the foam has "no memory" so it'll repair itself when there are no flies inserted.

Full Fly Box Reviews

C&F-2508-F Medium Fly Box
C&F-2508-F Medium Fly Box
C&F-2508-F Medium Fly Box
Our Score

C&F Design fly boxes are held in extremely high regard. The 2508-F Medium model is a 16-row flip page model, so it has the traditional two sections of 8 rows plus a turnable "page" in the middle with two more sets of 8 rows.

It's a massive capacity fly box for flies ranging anywhere from size 12-24. If you're a diehard nymph and dry fly angler, then this box is one that you need to choose.

It can get frustrating carrying two separate boxes for your dries and nymphs, and the C&F model allows you to carry them all in one place. If you tie your own flies and look to keep them protected, look no further.

At around $65, you're getting a fly box that is more than capable of lasting your entire fly fishing career.

  • Fully waterproof fly box
  • 752 slits
  • 6 inches long x 13 inches wide x 1.5 inches tall

Loop Box

Loop fly boxes are another brand you should consider for your next fly fishing box. The Universal Model is perfect for anglers looking for anything from a saltwater fly box to a trout box.

The Universal Model Is a double-sided box with room for a variety of dries, nymphs, and streamers. There are nine rows on each side. If you need something for a full day on the water where you’re going to be fishing in a variety of methods, this box is for you.

It’s a unique design that ensures your flies aren’t getting tangled in one another regardless of how much bouncing around the box does. It comes in two colors, including Carbon Grey and Swedish Blue. Both look great and are extremely stylish. At only $35, you’re getting a phenomenal deal.

  • 300 fly capacity
  • Magnetic locking capability
  • 6 inches long x 4 inches wide x 1.5 inches tall
Tacky Fly Box
Tacky Fly Box
Tacky Fly Box
Our Score

The Tacky fly box from Fishpond is highly sought after for a dry fly box. There are few waterproof fly boxes that protect your flies as well as this.

The Double Haul model contains room for both all fly patterns, so you can stay organized and prepared for a full trip. It's the perfect fly box for an angler that loves to keep their collection all in one place.

The silicone anchoring technology is something that many anglers loved about the original Tacky Box, and Fishpond made sure to keep it when they purchased the company. Your flies stay in place in these boxes better than most other options.

On the side with slotted foam inserts, you'll find 8 rows for dries. On the opposite side, there are 13 rows for your nymphs. This box comes in right around $35, so it's quite affordable for what you're going to get.

  • The fly box holds 287 flies
  • Magnetic closure
  • 7 inches long x 3.75 inches wide x 1 inch tall

Venture Fly Box

The Venture waterproof fly box is a perfect option for anglers looking for plenty of fly storage and easy transportation. You can safely store dry flies, nymphs, and streamers within the waterproof fly box from Venture. There are foam inserts on each side of the box with six rows on each side of the see-through box.

You can easily identify the flies you need without having to even open the box and risk dropping any of your flies into the water. In the world of fly boxes, it’s a simple design that’s great for both wet flies and dry flies. Plus, it can fit in most vests and waders! At around $14, you’re not going to break the bank, and it’s going to last for years.

  • Waterproof Rubber Seal
  • Double Sided
  • 6 inches long x 4 inches wide x 2 inches tall
Umpqua UPG HD Medium Day Fly Box
Umpqua UPG HD Medium Day Fly Box
Umpqua UPG HD Medium Day Fly Box
Our Score

In the world of flies, Umpqua is held in high regard. Their flies are high quality, and so are their fly boxes. The HD medium fly box is perfect for all of your dries and nymphs. While it's not a streamer box, it can hold smaller streamers if you need. Within the box, you have a two-sided page of 11 rows each.

The foam inserts have a high density, so you don't have to keep worrying about keeping your flies organized. The lids are see-through, so you don't have to worry about losing track or choosing to open the correct side. Take your look, and you'll know the exact flies inside. At $25, you're getting a great deal!

  • Store over 250 flies inside
  • Fully sealed and has a latch-closing system
  • 6.25 inches long x 4.5 inches wide x 1 inch tall

Cliff The Bugger Barn
Cliff The Bugger Barn
Cliff The Bugger Barn
Our Score

Cliff Outdoors makes a wonderful streamer fly box. Some would even argue that they make the best saltwater fly box.

The Bugger Barn is a perfect solution for your big flies. You no longer have to worry about the heads of your flies running into each other or them overlapping on one another so you can't quite see what flies you have. The depth of the foam keeps your flies secure and allows the box to close.

There are two foam pads available to you, but neither has slots, so you can organize your flies however you would like. It's a design many anglers have wanted for years, and Cliff managed to do it. At $25, you're getting a fly box that is more than capable of lasting decades.

  • Self-healing foam
  • See-through cover
  • 9 inches long x 5 inches wide x 1.5 inches tall

Aventik Aluminum Fly Box
Aventik Aluminum Fly Box
Aventik Aluminum Fly Box
Our Score

The Aventik Aluminum fly box is a unique design for anglers looking to store their nymphs and dry flies separately.

On one side of the box, you have the traditional foam inserts. There are six rows of foam inserts that can easily hold dry flies or nymphs, depending on how you like to store them. On the other side of the box, you have 16 miniature compartments that are also able to store your flies.

These are extra protection for your flies and a great way to keep things organized. If you don't like sliding your flies in and out of the foam, these mini-compartments are the way to go.

At around $25, you're not breaking the bank and have a versatile fly box for any situation.

  • Can store around 150 flies
  • Made out of aluminum
  • 6 inches long x 4 inches wide by one inch tall

Outdoor Planet Fly Box
Outdoor Planet Fly Box
Outdoor Planet Fly Box
Our Score

The Outdoor Planet fly box is an extremely affordable fly box that has all of the necessary features to keep your flies dry and in the proper place.

On each side of the box, you have six rows of foam inserts that keep your flies separated. It's a smaller box, so you're only going to want to store nymphs and dries!

Streamers would fill up too much of the box and leave little to no room for anything else. You can purchase this box with clear or black covers, depending on your style choice.

The box is fully sealed with a silicon sealing ring, so it'll keep your flies dry. For less than $10, you're getting an extremely good deal!

  • Stores up to 120 flies
  • Fully buoyant
  • 5 inches long x 3 inches wide x 1.5 inches tall

M2 Load-and-Lock Fly Box
M2 Load-and-Lock Fly Box
M2 Load-and-Lock Fly Box
Our Score

The Load-and-Lock Fly Box is for the angler who often drops their box and treats it extremely rough. Maybe it bounces around in the bottom of your boat and gets stepped on as you're moving.

It's not overly large, but the yellow color and strong construction make it easy to find and care for. Instead of the traditional foam inserts, you have 10 separate compartments in the box that are able to store your flies. This is a nice way to keep your flies organized all in the same category or size.

It's extremely portable and is easily going to fit in a shirt or vest pocket. For around $10, you'll struggle to find a box that's going to last longer.

  • Clamshell design with locking mechanism
  • 5 Storage compartments on each side
  • 4 inches long x 2.5 inches wide x 1 inch tall

Super Slim Vest Pocket Box
Super Slim Vest Pocket Box
Super Slim Vest Pocket Box
Our Score

The Super Slim Vest Pocket Box is for the angler with little room to spare. The beauty of this box is that you have two options when you purchase it.

You can either choose the box with eight rows and 15 slots on each row or the box with 8 compartments that have magnetic bases. Either way, it's s thin box that's barely even going to be noticed. You can easily slip it in your back pocket or a small part of your fishing backpack.

The see-through allows you to make your fly selection without having to even open the box. At less than $15, you're getting a fly box that's easily transportable!

  • Holds upwards of 120 flies
  • Latch locking system
  • 5 inches long x 4 inches wide x .5 inches tall

Fly Box Buying Guide: What to Look For

Saltwater flies in a C F saltwater fly box CFGS 3544

Capacity – How Many Flies Can It Hold?

When you’re making a decision on what fly box to purchase, it’s important to consider how many flies a box can hold. Many companies say their boxes can hold a certain number, but the truth is you have to be extremely organized to reach that. Assume that it’ll hold 25-50 flies less than that. Most anglers aren’t perfectly organized.

Any fly box that can hold around 150 flies should be plenty! As anglers know, you’re likely only using 5 to 10 different types of flies during a day of fishing. Unless you have no idea what’s biting, you don’t need a massive variety of types. The main variety comes in the sizes of flies that you’re using.

Is It Waterproof?

Waterproof fly boxes are a must! Not only are they able to protect your flies if it rains or your box falls in the water, but they can also float. Flies are primarily made of metal, so any water that gets into your box and sits around your flies is going to cause some of them to rust. Look for a box that has a silicon seal ring. These are the most waterproof and will fully protect your flies no matter how wet your box gets.

How Durable Is the Box?

Durability is another important feature of your fly box. We all have stories of dropping our boxes on a rock or even running over it with a vehicle. You want your fly boxes to last. You have quite a bit of money tied up in those, so make sure you go with a reputable company that has quite a few positive reviews about durability. We spend more of our time being worried about our fly rod and fly reels, so your fly box shouldn’t give you any worry at all.

Does It Use Foam or Silicon to Hold the Flies?

Foam and silicon holding material can be a deal breaker for certain anglers. Traditionally, foam inserts are the preference for many anglers, but silicon can absolutely do the same thing! Either way, as long as the foam inserts are dense, you’ll be okay. Many companies are moving towards a no-memory foam, so it will heal itself after you have flies in it. This is a great feature for streamer boxes.

What Design Features Does It Have?

Design features like a magnetic clasp or storage compartments are nice things to have in your fly box. At the end of the day, you’re going to want something that securely holds your flies, and as long as it does that, you’re good to go.


Fly boxes aren’t something that anglers often think about purchasing. We need a few that are going to hold and protect our flies! Choose any from the list above, and you’re in good shape. They’re all going to do the job to keep your flies protected and well-organized.

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