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As anglers, we want peace of mind that we can fish our rods to their full potential and be protected. Making a significant investment in a fly rod can be intimidating if the codoesn’toesn’t have a solid warranty. It can be hundreds of dollars down the drain with one accident or large fish.

Thankfully, companies like R.L. Winston, Temple Fork Outfitters, and Douglas offer anglers no-fault lifetime warranties on their rods. Knowing that the company stands by its rods gives you all the confidence not to hold back.

Orvis Fly Rod Warranty

Orvis FLy Rod

Orvis is one of the most reputable fly fishing companies in the world. Their fly fishing equipment is high quality, and Orvis stands behind all their gear. Besides a few exceptions, most of their rods come with a 25-year no questions asked warranty.

If you have original proof of purchase, Orvis will repair or replace your broken rod. If they can’t fix your rod, they’ll replace it with a similar model. It’s one of the most complete and solid fly rod warranties.

When you receive your rod, create an account and pre-register your rod. If your rod breaks and you need a new rod, they’ll have all your information to get started.

All of their rods are manufactured in the United States, so you don’t have to worry about sending your rod overseas and never seeing it again. Their fishing rod manufacturers in Vermont are fully equipped to get your rod fixed and returned promptly. Orvis tells anglers to expect their rods returned within 4-6 weeks for any Orvis graphite fly rod and fiberglass rod.

The rod warranty is not transferrable, so you must provide original proof of purchase.

Rod Models Covered

The rods that are fully covered include the following:

  • Orvis Helios and Helios 3
  • Orvis Recon
  • Orvis Superfine
  • Orvis Clearwater
  • Orvis Mission
  • Orvis Access
  • Orvis Zero Gravity
  • Orvis Hydros
  • Orvis T3
  • Orvis TLS

Orvis Streamline and Encounter rods manufactured after 2021 are protected from defects in original workmanship for five years after purchase.

If you need a bamboo rod replaced, Orvis encourages anglers to call their Outfitter team and speak with a representative. Expect these rods to be returned within 6-12 months.

How to Return Rod

As long as you have an account created and your rod is registered on the Orvis website, you can quickly complete the return process.

Head to the website, click “start your repair,” and follow the instructions. You can order a pre-paid return label or ship the rod from the carrier of your choice.

Replacement Fees

You have to pay to ship the rod to and from the manufacturer and pay a $60 handling fee. There are no more fees associated with the repair. Orvis will take care of the rest and fix your rod.

Sage Fly Rod Warranty

Sage Fly Rod R8 Core

Sage rods and blanks are covered against defects in materials or workmanship. While Orvis offers a no-questions-asked warranty, Sage does not cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, or any other types of damage caused by the use of the rod.

It doesn’t cover fire, theft, misplaced sections of the rod, or any modifications made by the angler.

If there are any defects in the materials or workmanship Sage’s warranty covers it; the rest is not covered. As a result, anglers have to make sure to fish carefully with their Sage rods. While Sage is a reputable company, things happen, so be careful with the rod.

Sage is clear in their warranty that they reserve the right to determine if they will repair and replace the rod. Register your rod as soon as you purchase it, so you can get it fixed promptly.

The rod warranty is not transferrable, so you must provide original proof of purchase.

Rod Models Covered

Current Sage rods include:

  • Dart
  • Payload
  • Trout LL
  • ESN (V2)
  • R8 Core
  • Trout Spey G5
  • Foundation
  • Salt HD
  • Trout Spey HD
  • Igniter
  • Sense
  • X
  • X 2H
  • Igniter 2H
  • Salt R8
  • Igniter Switch
  • Sonic
  • Maverick
  • Sonic 2H

How to Return Rod

To get your rod returned and repaired, you must fill out the repair case form on the Far Bank website. You’ll have to log in to your account, register your product, describe the issues, and submit your repair.

Anglers should expect rods to be returned within 10-12 weeks.

Replacement Fees

If your rod is protected under warranty and is truly a manufacturer error, the angler is in charge of shipping it to and from the manufacturer. Sage will cover the rest.

Sage also does offer relatively cheap repairs for their fly rods. So, if something does, they’re willing to fix it for a reasonably affordable fee. For current rods (certain models from 2017 to the present), you will pay a $50 repair fee.

For rods of certain models 2021 and earlier, you will pay around $95 for repair.

Certain “Legacy” models cost $195 for repair. These Legacy Models are rods that were made in the 2010s and earlier.

Fenwick Fly Rod Warranty

Fenwick FLy Rod

Anglers with Fenwick Fly Rods are protected fairly well. If a Fenwick Rod breaks because of a manufacturer’s defect, they’ll send you a new one. If you break the rod, Fenwick will provide a deal on a replacement rod. The rod warranty is not transferrable, so you must provide original proof of purchase.

Fenwick doesn’t offer repair or parts for their rods. Once they review your rod, they’ll either send you a new rod free of charge or provide a good deal on a replacement rod.

The beauty of Fenwick is that they review each case individually, so they don’t have set guidelines that each angler must follow. Depending on what happened to your broken fly rod, they’ll consider it and do their best to give you the best deal possible on a new fly fishing rod.

Rod Models Covered

Rods Protected by a Limited Lifetime Warranty:

  • Fenwick World Class Rods
  • Fenwick Techna Rods
  • Fenwick Elite Tech Rods
  • Fenwick HMG Rods

Rods Protected by a 5-Year Warranty From the Original Purchase Date:

  • Fenwick HMX Rods
  • Fenwick Eagle Rods

How to Return Rod

To return your rod, complete the following steps and email it to

  1. Take a picture of the rod showing the brand and model printed above the rod handle.
  2. Take a picture of the broken part of the rod.
  3. Provide a copy of the dated receipt or proof of purchase
  4. Describe how the rod broke.
  5. Provide your address and current phone number.

Replacement Fees

Replacement fees depend on what the engineers at Fenwick choose. They’ll provide information about replacement fees once decisions have been made.

RL Winston Fly Rod Warranty

Winston Fly Rod Pure

Most anglers would agree that RL Winston offers the best fly rod warranty. Winston offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee to original owners of rods built after 1996 doesn’t matter if you slammed it in a car door or if something went wrong with the manufacturing; Winston will replace or repair your rod.

The entire rod must be returned to Winston, and it can take upwards of 6 weeks for the rod to be repaired and returned.

Rod Models Covered

All rods made after 1996 are protected under the unconditional lifetime warranty. Rods made before 1996 must have had a warranty purchased for them to be covered.

How to Return Rod

To return the rod, anglers should place the rod in the sock and rob tube. Put any broken sections loose in the tube alongside the rod sock. Ship the rod in a cardboard box via USPS, UPS, or FedEx.

Register your rod online or send in a completed Winston warranty card as soon as you receive your rod.

Replacement Fees

Modern rods with serial numbers 175,000 or greater have a fee of $75.

Classic rods with serial numbers between 100,000 and 175,000 have a fee of $100.

Vintage rods with serial numbers 100,000 and lower have a fee of $150.

Non-warranty repairs are $175.

Redington Fly Rod Warranty

Reddington Fly Rod Trout Spey Switch

Redington covers every rod purchased through an authorized dealer except the Crosswater, Minnow, and Topo Combos. The lifetime warranty does not cover neglect, theft, loss, or misuse. They’ll only cover manufacturer errors.

When you submit your rod for repair, Redington doesn’t guarantee that the colors will match, even if you only have to replace a section of the rod. If you have a discontinued or broken rod covered by warranty, Redington reserves the right to send you a newer model.

Rod Models Covered

A lifetime warranty covers all rods except the Crosswater, Minnow, and Topo Combos. A 1-year warranty covers the Crosswater, Minnow, and Topo Combos.

How to Return Rod

To return the rod, you must register it on their website and fill out an online repair form. When you return the rod, you have to send in the entire setup, so they can determine the cause and the process they will go through to repair it.

Replacement Fees

When Redington reviews your online repair, they’ll let you know the price of the repair. You’re going to have to pay for the rod to ship and return it to you.

G. Loomis Fly Rod Warranty

G Loomis Fly Rod NRX

G. Loomis offers a limited lifetime warranty against “non-conformities in workmanship and materials for the life of the original “owner.” Register your newly purchased G. Loomis within 30 days to unlock all the warranty options.

If the damage to your rod isn’t covered by warranty, the XPeditor program is a no-fault, no, questions-asked replacement program. G. Loomis offers a reasonable replacement fee on most of their current models.

There is also an XPeditor Tip Program that covers the tip section of your multi-piece rod.

Rod Models Covered

A limited lifetime warranty covers all G. Loomis rods.

Rods covered by the XPeditor Program include:

  • Crosscurrent
  • IMX-Pro
  • NRX-Pro
  • NRX+
  • ASQ

How to Return Rod

To return the rod, you must fill out the warranty claim or XPeditor form and ship your rod to G. Loomis in Ontario, CAN.

Replacement Fees

The XPeditor program’s replacement fees are between $150 and $310. The XPeditor Tip program costs anglers between $60 and $90.

Scott Fly Rod Warranty

Scott Fly Rod Centric

Scott offers anglers a lifetime warranty as long as you’re the original owner of the rod. Your rod must be registered within 30 days of purchase to be covered. If it isn’t registered within 30 days or purchased from a third-party website like eBay or Amazon, you will not get the warranty.

The warranty doesn’t cover loss, theft, intentional damage, or damage from neglect. If there is a manufacturer error, your rod will be covered.

Rod Models Covered

Any rod with a serial number over 35,000 (after 1994) is covered under the lifetime warranty.

Rod blanks have the same warranty as the built rods, but if the builder damages the rod, they won’t cover it.

Scott bamboo rods have a 1-year warranty for the original owner.

How to Return Rod

To return the rod, you must fill out the repair form on the Scott website and send it in with your broken fly rod.

Replacement Fees

Anglers are responsible for shipping to the manufacturer in Monstrose, CO, and pay a $65 fee for return shipping and handling.

Echo Rod Warranty

Echo Fly Rod Lift

Echo offers anglers a warranty covering the product’s “natural life.” As a result, there is no specific timeline for protection. Echo will determine that on a case-by-case basis. Rods damaged by abuse or neglect, environmental factors, or physical factors like slamming it in a car door are not covered by warranty.

If the rod breaks during normal fishing use, Echo will repair or replace your rod for a service fee. If your rod is a discontinued model, you’ll be offered a replacement model for 50% off the MSRP.

If you broke only the tip of your rod, you can order a new tip online. If the tip broke due to manufacturer errors, you can fill out the warranty information and see if it will be covered.

Rod Models Covered

All Echo rods are covered if it’s within the “natural life” of the rod. Echo will determine what natural life is.

How to Return Rod

Echo wants to help anglers as much as possible before a rod is sent to the company. There is an online form that asks detailed questions and asks for anglers to upload pictures. Echo will review the pictures and determine what is going to happen.

If they determine that you need to send in your rod, they’ll l provide information. Otherwise, they will send you information about a replacement setup.

Replacement Fees

Standard repair fees are between $50 and $100, depending on the model of the rod.

TFO Fly Rod Warranty

TFO Fly Rod Axiom

Temple Fork Outfitters offers anglers a no-fault lifetime warranty that covers all manufacturing defects. Anglers must register their rod on the TFO website to be covered by the warranty. Since TFO started in 1995, the no-fault lifetime warranty has been in place, so regardless of how old your royou’llyou’ll be protected.

If the rod you purchased is discontinued and cannot be fixed, TFO will credit you for a new model. The service fee will still apply.

TFO strives to fix every rod it possibly can before they send you a new model, so expect your rod to take some time to get fixed.

Rod Models Covered

All TFO rods made since 1996 are covered by the no-fault lifetime warranty.

How to Return Rod

To return the rod, you’ll fill out the information on their website’s Parts & Service section and follow the instructions. The TFO parts and service warehouse is in Grand Prairie, TX.

Replacement Fees

TFO charges a different service fee depending on your rod and its damage. The exact price will be communicated to you before repairs happen.

Douglas Fly Rod Warranty

Douglas Fly Rod Sky G

Douglas has a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner of the fly rod. It is a no-fault full replacement warranty program, so you can fish your rod as much and hard as you would like and still be covered.

Douglas has a speedy turnaround time, and most rods are sent back within 7 business days.

Rod Models Covered

The Douglas warranty covers the following models:

  • Douglas Sky G Fly Rod Series
  • Douglas DFX Fly Rod Series
  • Douglas LRS Fly Rod Series
  • Douglas Upstream Fly Rod Series
  • Douglas Upstream Plus Fly Rod Series
  • Douglas ERA Fly Rod Series

How to Return Rod

Douglas asks anglers to fill out the questionnaire on their website with information about the rod, what section is damaged, and how it was damaged. You’ll have to upload pictures of the damage as well.

Replacement Fees

Douglas charges $45 per damaged section and a $20 shipping and handling fee within the United States.

The exact location determines international fees.

Bass Pro Cabela’s Fly Rods Warranty

Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas offers anglers a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase to the original buyer. The warranty covers defects in materials, workmanship, and if you break it under “normal fishing conditions.”

If the rod was determined to be misused or broken because of normal wear and tear, you are not covered by the warranty.

Rod Models Covered

A 1-year warranty covers all Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and Browning brand rods.

The following rods are covered for ten years:

  • Johnny Morris Platinum Signature
  • Johhny Morris Signature Series
  • Johnny Morris CarbonLite 2.0
  • Johnny Morris Patriot

Any other rod brand purchased from Bass Pro Shops needs to be returned to the original manufacturer within 60 days of purchase if it breaks.

How to Return Rod

You’ll ship the entire thing to their headquarters in Springfield, Missouri, to return your rod.

Replacement Fees

Anglers are charged $20.95 for every repair plus extra for parts and shipping costs.

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