Are KastKing Reels Any Good? Our Verdict on This Popular Brand

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Are KastKing Reels Any Good

Relatively new to the market, KastKing is making waves in a good way. Their high-quality products at bargain basement prices are popular with anglers eager to try new products and methods without breaking the bank.

While not top of the line competition quality reels, KastKing’s products hold up under harsh conditions and the learning phase most new anglers go through. 

KastKing’s History

Formed by a group of college friends from upstate New York, KastKing was born in 2013, as this small group of MBA graduates decided to embark on a dream. As avid anglers, the KastKing founders set out to create high quality, low price fishing equipment using eco-friendly manufacturing methods.

The goal of the company is to make fishing fun for everyone while maintaining the health of our planet.The company has grown and expanded since 2013, but still strives to create the best products they can from the most competitively priced component parts and pass the savings on to the consumer. Read more here:

KastKing’s Fishing Reels:

KastKing makes a wide range of reels to meet the needs of any angler. From their easy to use spincast reel to their top of the line baitcast reel, KastKing strives to make a quality product at an affordable price. 

Spinning Reels

KastKing offers a wide variety of spinning reels in a range of prices to fit every angler’s budget. Starting at just over $20, the KastKing Brutus is the perfect reel for beginners. The top of the line Speed Demon Elite sells at Walmart for just $99 and excels against the best on the market in terms of speed and gear ratio.

KastKing’s Spinning Reels Lineup (lowest to highest priced)

Our top spinning reel – KastKing Speed Demon Elite

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With a gear ratio of 7.4:1, the Speed Demon Elite is the fastest reel on the market today. This top of the line freshwater/saltwater reel is made up of a stainless steel shaft, 10+1 stainless ball bearings, and a rugged aluminum main gear. These components work together to give anglers the longest casts and fastest retrieval speeds possible. A carbon fiber rotor creates up to 17.6 # of drag, making it easy to land the big ones.

The Speed Demon Elite is available in 2 models:

Model 2000- line capacity 190 yds/8 pound

Model 3000-line capacity 280 yds/8 pound

Key features:

  • 7.4:1 gear ratio for fast retrieval
  • Aluminum roller guide for long casts
  • Weighs <9 ounces

Our best value pick – KastKing Spartacus II

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The Spartacus II is an excellent reel for the money. At less than $50, it outperforms some reels costing twice as much. The Spartacus II has a comfortable aluminum handle with EVA paddle grips, a durable nylon body and rotor, and 7 +1 stainless bearings for smooth, quick cranking. The adjustable carbon fiber drag puts out up to 22 pounds of resistance to manage any fish.

The gear ratio varies for each of the 4 models:

  • Model 2000 5.0:1
  • Model 3000 5.0:1
  • Model 4000 4.4:1
  • Model 5000 4.4:1

Key features:

  • Excellent quality for low price
  • Outstanding drag adjustments
  • Attractive, corrosion free body

Baitcasting Reels

When you are bottom fishing or shooting a worm into a tight spot, nothing works better than a baitcaster reel. Their unique pickup pattern and built in braking allow anglers to throw heavy lines long distances with minimal problems. KastKing manufacturers a full range of baitcasting reels for beginning and experienced fishermen.

KastKing’s Baitcasting Reels Lineup (lowest to highest priced)


Our top pick – KastKing Crixus

With a 6.5:1 ratio and brass gears, this reel is fast. In Glacier White or Sea Spray colors, it is sure to turn heads. 7+1 stainless ball bearings and an 8 magnet braking system mean quick recovery and limited backlash. The ultra quiet 17.9 pound drag creates enough resistance to land a lunker. The attractive graphite frame weighs just 7.3 ounces. The price on this beauty is just $55.99, a real bargain when you look at the quality and performance it offers.

Key features:

  • 6.5:1 ratio for fast retrieval
  • Stong, dependable drag
  • Lightweight and attractive

Our best value pick – KastKing Zephyr BFS

The top of the KastKing line up, the Zephyr BFS Drag Clicker is a technological masterpiece. A carbon fiber frame and disc drag create a super durable reel that weighs less than its aluminum or nylon counterparts. At just 5.6 ounces, you will forget it’s even there. 7.2:1 precision gears and double shaded stainless bearings allow long casts with small baits. The 17.6 pound adjustable drag has a drag clicker feature to alert you to a catch. Yo.u’d probably expect a reel like this to sell for hundreds of dollars, but it is only $74.99

Key features:

  • 7.2:1 gear ratio
  • Lightweight 
  • Drag Clicker alert setting

Spincast Reels

KastKing makes two popular spincast reels for the push button fishing enthusiast. Both options have a two pin pick up system for fast line retrieval without snarls. 

Our top pick – KastKing Brutus

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The Brutus is a great first time angler’s reel. The easy push button release and double action line pickup make casting and retrieval simple, with fewer tangles than an open faced reel. The Brutus has a 4.0:1 gear ratio for fast pickup. It has an attractive, lightweight graphite frame with a honeycomb pattern aluminum cover. An auto reverse feature makes setting the hook easy. The Brutus retails for $34.99

Key features:

  • 4.0:1 gear ratio
  • Prespooled with monofilament
  • Durable steel rotor with a double pin pickup system

Our best value pick – KastKing Cadet

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The KastKing Cadet is the perfect reel for a child. Its double pickup pins help reel in line without tangles. The graphite body and attractive aluminum nose cone create a compact, lightweight reel. They designed the low profile setting of this reel for smaller anglers and youngsters. The Cadet has an easy-to-use push button release to make casting easy. A sturdy metal handle with a single grip fits into small hands to make line take up simple. The Cadet features a +/- fingertip drag control dial. At just $24.99, this long-lasting reel would be great for teaching a youngster to fish. 

Key features:

  • Small and comfortable for children or smaller adults
  • Easy to use without problems
  • Built to last, but very affordable

Round Baitcasting Reels

KastKing makes two round baitcasting reels perfect for deep sea fishing or trolling from a commercial vessel. Both reels are designed to be powerful and durable. 

Our top pick – KastKing Rover

The KastKing Rover round baitcasting reel has hard anodized aluminum side plates, precision cut brass gears, and a stainless steel worm gear. The stainless steel shaft and bearings hold up against salt water corrosion, even after hours of use. A click out line counter alerts when a fish is on the line. One touch line out release and reliable braking help keep the big ones on the line. The Rover is the classic saltwater casting reel with retro styling and modern performance. The Rover is priced at $51.99

Key features:

  • High line capacity for braided or mono
  • 3.6:1 gear ratio
  • Adjustable drag up to 30 pounds

Our best value pick – KastKing ReKon

KastKing’s other entry into the line counter baitcaster market is the ReKon. Designed for trolling, the ReKon is accurate and dependable to keep your lure floating at the level you set it for. Available in two sizes, the ReKon 10 holds 250 yards of 20 pound monofilament and has an adjustable drag up to 25 pounds. The ReKon 20 holds 320 yards of 20 pound monofilament and has an adjustable drag up to 30 pounds. Both reels are constructed of durable stainless steel to resist corrosion.

Key features:

  • Specifically designed for trolling in fresh or salt water
  • Comfortable oversized grips for reeling in large fish
  • High line capacity for deep water fishing.

FAQs on KastKing Reels

Are KastKing Reels Made in the USA?

KastKing outsources component parts from all over the world in order to keep prices low. Some of the reels are made in the USA. KastKing braided line is 100% USA made.

What is the warranty on KastKing Reels

KastKing reels are warranted for a period of one (1) year from date of original retail purchase against defects in workmanship and/or materials. This is a limited warranty and excludes coverage based on modifications, normal wear and tear, commercial use, and improper care. KastKing does offer service and discounted replacements for defective reels.

See also:

What Do Users say about KastKing Reels

KastKing Reels offer an affordable option in the growing world of angling gear. Their performance equals that of high-end, big name manufacturers. Initial impressions of the brand seem to be favorable with reviewers commenting on the high quality of the materials and the quiet, smooth operation of the reels. The baitcaster reels seem to be especially favored as the price is affordable, but quality is on point and they also make a really good gift for fishermen or women.

KastKing is definitely an up and coming player in the market. With continued attention to detail and the use of quality components, they deliver a good product at a fair price. The only negative comment I found was in relation to their Made in USA claim. A large portion of the components come from China, and some of the reels are manufactured in China. KastKing should disclose this information before people accuse them of deceptive marketing tactics.

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