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If you love Yeti products as much as we do then you will be pleased to know you can now get your four-legged friend a Yeti product of their own – the Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed.

Despite being known for coolers and insulated mugs, Yeti didn’t want your dog to miss out on all the cool outdoor gear so they created this awesome dog bed.

In this article, we take a look at this new offering from Yeti to see whether we think dogs will love it as much as we love all of our other Yeti gear.

YETI Dog Bed Review

YETI Trailhead Dog Bed
YETI Trailhead Dog Bed
YETI Trailhead Dog Bed
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The Trailhead Dog Bed is a dog bed that has two parts to it - a home base that your dog uses when relaxing at home, and a travel pad that provides your dog with a comfortable and familiar place to rest while out on an adventure.

It makes for an ideal road trip dog bed and is machine washable for practicality and convenience.

Your furry adventure-loving companions will love the comfort it provides them while you will appreciate the cool look and style it brings to your home.

This Yeti dog bed meets the standard Yeti approach of being over-engineered so it has everything you and your dog could need from a dog bed.

It is highly portable and has a waterproof bottom to keep your dog comfortable and dry while they rest.

  • Pillow bolster gives your dog somewhere soft and comfy to rest their chin while they rest and sleep.
  • EVA molded base makes the bed very sturdy and able to handle puppies and big dogs alike.
  • A high-density foam core provides loads of comfort for your dog while the waterproof bottom keeps everything dry.

YETI Trailhead Dog Bed Key Features


The base of the Trailhead Dog Bed is made from molded plastic which not only gives the bed a more stable shape but it is also waterproof to keep the inside of the bed nice and dry.

Apart from the plastic base, the rest of the dog bed is made from very durable fabric. As an added bonus, the fabric parts of the bed can be zipped off for easy cleaning.

The travel pad part of the Trailhead Dog Bed is made from foam that is quite firm to support all shapes, sizes, and weights of dogs.

Lighter weight foam is used to make the rest of the dog bed including the pillow bolster which is similar to a mattress topper and is perfect for chin resting for a tired and cozy dog.


Yeti has been very clever when designing the Trailhead Dog Bed.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, Yeti are very well known for their coolers and insulated mugs so a dog bed seems somewhat of a random product for them to make.

But when you look at it more closely, it actually makes complete sense.

Yeti makes products for outdoor lovers who spend as much time as they can out in the wild. If you are an outdoor lover who also happens to have a dog – why wouldn’t you want something that fits in perfectly with your nature-filled lifestyle that also helps keep your dog comfortable and happy?

The Trailhead Dog Bed fits in perfectly at home and out in the wild. The home base looks stylish, is easy to clean, holds its shape very well even with a big dog nestled inside, and is extremely comfortable for your dog – particularly with the pillow bolster, similar to a mattress topper, encircling the top edges of the bed.

When you are heading out on outdoor adventures with your dog, you can simply use the removable travel pad from the dog bed which then becomes a highly portable and lightweight camp cushion for your furry companion. 

To keep things practical, convenient, and comfortable, the Trailhead Dog Bed is made from easy-to-clean materials and has a waterproof base so your dog can get comfortable even if you are camping on wet ground.


The fabric parts of the Trailhead Dog Bed can be zipped off and put in your washing machine to clean.

This is extra handy for the travel pad which will be coming on your outdoor adventures with you. Simply being able to put it in the washing machine makes removing dirt, hair, mud, and any other outdoor debris from the Trailhead Bed really easy.

If your dog’s bed isn’t dirty enough to justify a cycle in the machine though, brushing or vacuuming can help keep it in a presentable state. It can handle quite an aggressive brushing or vacuum so removing loose hair and debris isn’t too much of an issue.

Obviously, the plastic bottom of the bed can’t be put in the wash but this can quickly be wiped down for cleaning.


There are two things to consider when looking at the portability of the Trailhead Dog Bed. The first one is that the full-size dog bed is a decent size measuring in at 6 1/2″ × 39 3/8″ × 29 1/8″ and weighing a little over 10 pounds.

From these specifications, you can see that the bed (when used at home with the home base) might not be as easy to move around as other dog beds that you can take from room to room.

However, the travel pad is much more portable as this is the part of the bed that has been designed to be taken out and moved around.

The travel pad measures in at 32 1/4″ × 2 3/4″ × 22″ and is a bit lighter than the home base so it is much easier to take on your next camping trip or other outdoor adventure.

Final Thoughts on the Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed

It goes without saying that the Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed is an expensive dog bed at $300.

That being said, as with all Yeti products, the price tag represents the awesome design, the toughness, the practicality, and the high-quality materials used.

The removable covers make it easy to clean, the entire bed is ultra-durable and it makes for a cushy pad for your dog to enjoy.

If you have a lot of Yeti gear then this Yeti dog bed can be the beginning of your dog’s Yeti collection too as Yeti dog bowls and other Yeti dog gear are also available from Yeti so you can get your dog decked out with outdoor gear as cool as yours.

This Yeti Dog Bed might be the most expensive dog bed you ever buy but it will also be the best dog bed you ever buy – you and your dog will love it!

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