What Is a Trout Grand Slam? Official Rules Explained

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A Trout Grand Slam involves catching any three of the following trout species in a single day: brook trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, bull trout, lake trout, and golden trout.

A Trout Grand Slam is actually one of the easiest slams to complete.

Where to Go to Catch a Trout Grand Slam

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The Rockies in North America is a popular Trout Grand Slam destination due to the abundance of different trout species.

In the Rockies, catching a brown trout, a cutthroat trout, and a rainbow or brook trout can be accomplished relatively easily.

In particular, rainbow trout and cutthroat trout are among the easier trout species to catch, so they usually feature among the three trout species caught to complete the slam.

In some regions, brown trout and brook trout are prolific and relatively easy to catch too.

A quick look at the official International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) records for trout slams shows Colorado and Utah heavily represented in overall trout slams.

Other Places to Get a Trout Grand Slam

In truth though, trout grand slams have been taken in a range of other states in the US including Minnesota, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, North Carolina, and many more.

What Is the Most Common Trout Grand Salmon Species?

It seems the easiest trout grand slam to get involves three of either a cutthroat trout, a brown trout, a rainbow trout, or a brook trout. Slams involving bull trout, golden trout, and lake trout are less common, although they do occur.

For example, angler Hans Herfel got his slam in 2021 in Hayden Creek Idaho involving a rainbow trout, a cutthroat trout, and a bull trout.

There is no trout grand slams record on the IGFA database involving a lake trout caught on fly tackle, although these deep-dwelling species do feature in some conventional tackle trout grand slams.

What Is a Trout Super Grand Slam?

Rainbow trout 3
A Trout Super Grand Slam is considered a rare and challenging achievement in fishing.

A Trout Super Grand Slam involves catching four different trout species from within the aforementioned group. There are only 30 or so of these recorded, so it is a more prestigious club.

Four species in a single day is a tougher challenge!

What About a Trout Fantasy Slam?

Then there’s the Trout Fantasy Slam – involving catching FIVE of the six target trout species.

All up there are 15 different Trout Fantasy Slams Record on the IGFA database with Utah being the destination for about half of all of them

How Do You Register a Slam?

You can log your claim to have caught a slam via the IGA website: https://igfa.org/grand-slam-clubs/

As the site says: “A Grand Slam is defined by an individual angler catching at least three of the eligible species within a category, per IGFA International Angling Rules. All catches must be made within one calendar day, and all past and present catches are eligible, provided they are properly documented. To be eligible for a fly tackle Slam, all of the species must be caught on fly tackle according to IGFA Rules and the class tippet must be 20 pounds or less in breaking strength. Fly and conventional tackle Slam Club members are displayed in the World Record Game Fishes book each year.”

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