What Is a Bass Grand Slam? All the Species Required

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A Bass Grand Slam involves catching three of the following bass species in a single calendar day: Largemouth bass, rock bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, spotted bass, shoal bass, white bass, or whiterock bass.

All up that’s eight different bass species that are acceptable to complete a bass grand slam.

The Make Up of Bass Grand Slams

Largemouth Bass Fishing
The majority of Bass Grand Slams consist of largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Seasoned bass anglers know that it is not too difficult when the fishing is hot in certain locations to get both largemouth and smallmouth bass in a single session.

Not surprisingly, the majority of bass grand slams include both these bass species.

Probably a rock bass or spotted bass is the next most common species in making up the three.

But there have been plenty of Bass Grand Slams involving white bass, whiterock bass, and striped bass too!

Where to Go to Get a Bass Grand Slam

One of the joys of fishing for bass in the US is that they are widespread and there is good bass fishing in almost all regions bar Alaska.

It is Missouri, though, that takes the prize for having the most Bass Grand Slams of any other state.

Other states to have recorded a reasonable number of bass slams are Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, California, Ohio, Virginia, Tennesee, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

There are many bass grand slams registered with the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) with conventional tackle, but only nine are taken on fly tackle.

What About a Bass Super Grand Slam?

Smallmouth Bass Caught Fly Fishing
A Bass Super Grand Slam is a fishing achievement that involves catching four of the eight identified species of bass.

A Bass Super Grand Slam involves catching four of the eight listed bass species. All up there have been just over 30 Bass Super Grand Slams registered.

Almost half were caught by accomplished bass angler William Evans. British fishing TV presenter Robson Green is among the anglers to have completed a bass grand slam.

Only one fly angler has completed a Bass Super Grand Slam.

A Fantasy Bass Grand Slam?

Harder still is the Bass Fantasy Grand Slam, involving catching five of the eight target bass species. There all 11 of these are registered with IGFA with five of these taken by William Evans.

How to Register a Bass Slam

If you’ve managed to catch a Bass Grand Slam, you can register your catch with the IGFA.

You can log your claim to have caught a slam via the IGA website: https://igfa.org/grand-slam-clubs/

As the site says: “A Grand Slam is defined by an individual angler catching at least three of the eligible species within a category, per IGFA International Angling Rules. All catches must be made within one calendar day, and all past and present catches are eligible, provided they are properly documented.”

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