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Tying the CDC Caddis Emerger

This is one of my favourite caddis emerger patterns. It excels in catching trout feeding on caddis flies when the traditional flies – Elk Hair Caddis or X-Caddis – don’t work.

The chenille in this fly is arguably the secret to it – it waterlogs immediately and means the fly sits low in the surface film. The deer hair and CDC wing ensures it doesn’t submerge completely and the orange head is a little hot spot.

All in all it makes for a great pattern for fish that are selectively feeding on emerging caddis flies. There are a few steps to it, but it is not an overly difficult pattern to tie.

You need to tie it in 14 or 16 – keep it reasonably small.

Step by step pictorial instructions follow and see below for materials and video instructions.

Materials list:

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