Tying the CDC Caddis Emerger: A Great Pattern for Tough Fish

Learn the secrets of tying the CDC Caddis Emerger in our comprehensive guide. Catch tough fish with this great pattern!

This is one of my favorite caddis emerger patterns. It excels in catching trout feeding on caddis flies when the traditional flies – Elk Hair Caddis or X-Caddis – don’t work.

The chenille in this fly is arguably the secret to it – it waterlogs immediately and means the fly sits low in the surface film. The deer hair and CDC wing ensure it doesn’t submerge completely, and the orange head is a little hot spot.

All in all, it makes for a great pattern for fish that are selectively feeding on emerging caddis flies. There are a few steps to it, but it is not an overly difficult pattern to tie.

You need to tie it in 14 or 16 – keep it reasonably small.

Step-by-step pictorial instructions follow and see below for materials and video instructions.

Materials list:

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