This Brave Turtle Just Wanted to Escape the Shark’s Jaws

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Shark and Turtle

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Amazing footage from the Bahamas when this 15 foot tiger shark caught a turtle.

The shark had the turtle in its jaws when the crew from Kai Owen Fishing showed up in their boat.

The boys spotted the shark and pulled the boat up alongside.

The big tiger swam back and forth with the poor turtle struggling to escape.

Amazingly, once the clever turtle saw the boat it lunged towards the stern and tried to crawl up onto with the shark still clutching it in its jaws.

Eventually the turtle’s tactics worked and the shark let go.

The turtle’s hard shell had protected it from major damage from the shark’s razor sharp teeth.

Nevertheless it was stunned and vulnerable to a new attack from the shark.

But the boys stepped in and scooped the stricken turtle up.

In the video you can see the bite marks in the turtle’s shell from the shark as the boys pick it up and relocate it to safer waters.

The ocean can be a harsh place, but on this occasion it was this turtle’s lucky day.

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