The 45lb ‘Trash’ Fish that Netted Connecticut Angler a State Record

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On a calm day at Lake Lillinonah, an angler named Brian Santos made history by catching a giant common carp weighing 45 pounds and 5 ounces. This catch not only broke the previous state record but also showed how great Lake Lillinonah is for fishing. The carp, known for its strength and size, put up a tough fight, testing Santos’s skills and patience.

The Angler Behind the Record

The 45lb record breaker

Brian Santos is a skilled angler who loves fishing. He has spent many hours practicing and getting better at his craft.

Carp fishing is a skill that needs a mix of talent, patience, and strategy. Anglers use different techniques like bottom fishing, float fishing, and stalking to catch carp. Each method has its own challenges and rewards, making carp fishing fun and exciting.

To be successful in carp fishing, having the right gear is very important. This includes a strong fishing rod, a good reel, and high-quality fishing line. Anglers also use special carp bait like boilies, corn, and pellets to attract these tricky fish. The right gear not only makes fishing more enjoyable but also increases the chances of catching a big one.


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