Tasmanian Couple Charged Over Sick Trout Sex Video

Tasmanian Trout Sex Video Charges

Some disturbing news from Australia’s southernmost state this month with a couple charged with bestiality offences after allegedly filming videos involving themselves having sex in a cemetery and performing a sex act with a live trout.

The story emerged after two depraved videos began circulating and were sent to the local newspaper, The Mercury.

Local media reported that 57-year-old woman and a 54-year-old man, both from Tasmania, were charged with bestiality and conducting prohibited acts in a cemetery.

They are expected to appear in court at a later date.

Bestiality Charges over Videos of Sex Act Involving a Trout

A blurred screenshot of one of the depraved videos

The Mercury reported that:

“One of the clips shows a woman wearing nothing but an unbuttoned orange shirt as she lays on top of a grave at a cemetery in Cressy, southwest of Launceston’

“Her companion then walks towards her and begins having sex with her, making the vile comment: ‘Well, there’s someone’s grave. It’s a grave babe. We’re going to f**k on the grave, that’s where it’s at.’

“The woman then replies: ‘To the souls of the faithfully departed, may they rest in peace’.”

In the second clip containing the sick act involving the fish, which appeared to have been filmed in a boat on a lake, the man is reported to say ‘That’s how you catch a trout’.

In a story that certainly scales new heights for weirdness as the grave the couple romped on belonged to a well known landscape artist, David Hammond Chapman.

Fishy Tasmanian tale sets new low

Tasmania Map
Tasmania is a wild part of Australia with a brutal past

The island state of Tasmania is famed for the quality of it’s trout fishing with lakes and rivers teeming with wild brown trout.

It is also a state with a dark past in terms of its colonial history as a penal colony and the savagery associated with that.

Educational standards in Tasmania and standards of living are lower than the mainland.

And while by and large, Tasmania is a friendly and welcoming place, occasionally incidents of strange and shocking crimes occur.

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