NY Couple Hauls In $100,000 in Safe While Magnet Fishing

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Magnet fishing

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Imagine a calm day by the lake, the sun shining, and the gentle sound of water. For James Kane and Barbie Agostini, this peaceful scene turned into an amazing adventure.

They found a safe filled with $100,000 while magnet fishing in a Queens lake. This incredible find has caught the attention of many, showing the fun and rewards of this unique hobby.

The couple had taught themselves the techniques of magnet fishing during the COVID pandemic.

“We just don’t have it where we can go on ships and scuba dive and find wrecks and all that. And we discovered people can throw magnets in the water, which we thought was electrical, and it turns out it’s neodymium and anybody can do it,” Kane said on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday.

The Discovery

For James Kane and Barbie Agostini, what started as a normal day of magnet fishing – using a powerful magnet to haul up metal objects from bodies of water – quickly turned into an unforgettable experience.

As they cast their magnet into the lake, they felt a strong pull and began to reel in their line. To their surprise, they found a heavy safe covered in mud and algae. Little did they know, this safe contained $100,000.

Initial Reactions

The couple’s first reaction was one of disbelief and excitement. “We couldn’t believe our eyes,” said James. “It felt like something out of a movie.” Barbie added, “We were just out there enjoying the day, and suddenly, we had this incredible find in our hands.” Their discovery quickly became the talk of the town, attracting attention from local media and curious onlookers.

Media Coverage

News of the couple’s amazing find spread quickly, with major news outlets covering the story. James and Barbie were invited to share their experience on popular TV shows, including ‘Fox & Friends.’ Their story captivated audiences, highlighting the unexpected rewards of magnet fishing and inspiring others to try this unique hobby.

Financial Implications

The discovery of $100,000 has had a big financial impact on James and Barbie. While they initially thought about keeping the money, they decided to report the find to the authorities.

The New York Police Department has since given them the all clear to keep the money, but some of the bills are damaged and the exact scale of the windfall is unclear.

The U.S. Treasury Department will forensically piece together the damp dollar bills, and based on how much is accumulated, the department will cut the duo a check. Each bill must be over 50% intact to count towards the total. 

Depending on how much they make from the prize catch, Kane and Agostini plan to use the money to purchase a home or get new equipment for future fishing endeavors. 

“We’ve tossed around a couple different ideas. One of them is we’ve always like to get a place of our own little, little house somewhere. Maybe down south. Maybe get some different equipment for our channel.”

Personal Impact

Beyond the financial windfall, the discovery has had a significant personal impact on the couple. “It’s brought us closer together,” said Barbie. “We’ve always enjoyed magnet fishing, but this experience has made it even more special.” The adventure has also sparked a newfound interest in treasure hunting and exploration.

Community Reactions

The local community has been buzzing with excitement over the couple’s find. Many have expressed admiration for their honesty in reporting the money. The story has also inspired others to take up magnet fishing, hoping to uncover their own hidden treasures.


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