Mussel Lure Saves a Skunking! May 2024 Trip Report

Outback Bream Post

When your football team is trash, what do you do? Fish!!

I have the misfortune to follow what’s clearly the worst football team in the Australian Football League – the North Melbourne Football Club.

I have been a loyal fan since childhood days, and still am to be honest.

But games at the moment are too painful to attend, so I am managing my emotions by going fishing when they play.

And that’s exactly what I did on Saturday with my friend Dan. We went out for a fish in the harbor right near where the team was playing ironically.

The fishing wasn’t red hot, but I tried the newish and much hyped Mussel Lure.

The mussel lure is a product that has taken fishing tournaments by storm in my part of the world.

The Mussel Lure

The fish in this photo is the Southern Black Bream and it loves nothing more than eating mussels. It’s kind of amazing that it has taken this long for a lure that imitates mussels to come out.

IMG 0654
The Southern Black Bream

The mussel lure sinks rapidly to the bottom, just like the real thing, and is mainly fished static. Don’t worry, if the fish is there it will find it!

If you do want to move it a bit, just lift the rod tip and the mussel functions like a vibe with a pulsating action. You can then let it drop and see if you’ve attracted a fish.

I am happy to report that after a few hours drawing a blank with other lures, I tied on the Mussel Lure and immediately managed to prise a few beautiful bream from deep under the timbers in one of the wharves.

Interesting it was not enough to get the lure right near the pylons, you had to cast it right up under the actually deck of the wharf to draw a strike. And you had to count the lure down to the bottom letting it sink with an open bail.

Great fun and a big tick for the Mussell Lure from my POV.

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