Missouri Fishing: Tips, Species and Where To Go

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Diversity is probably the key word that comes to mind when you think of fishing in Missouri. There is excellent trout fishing in the mountains and great bass fishing in the warmer parts of the state.

From the mighty Mississippi and Missouri rivers to the pristine lakes and lesser-known streams, anglers of all skill levels can find a perfect spot for their preferred fishing method. The Show-Me State boasts a variety of common species to catch, such as largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, and trout, making it an ideal destination for all angling enthusiasts.

Fishing techniques used in Missouri vary depending on the target species and location. For example, fly fishing is a popular method for catching trout in the numerous trout parks and cold-water streams. Bass anglers often use techniques such as flipping and pitching, crankbait, and spinnerbait fishing, while catfish enthusiasts typically rely on live or cut bait.

The state’s diverse body of water and fish populations make Missouri a unique fishing destination.

Missouri Fishing Guide: Best Places to Target For Bass and Trout

Our expert writers have put together these guides on the best places to go in Missouri to target the main species available and where the best fly fishing in Missouri is found.

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Missouri Fishing Licenses and Regulations

Read the article below to learn all the rules and regulations for fishing in Missouri and which license you need.

MIssouri Fishing License Feature Image

Missouri Fishing License 2024: Cost, Types & How to Buy

Here is all the info on buying a Missouri fishing license in one easy-to-read article. Find out costs, which license you need and where to buy it

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