Marmot vs Patagonia: Outdoor Brands Compared

When it comes to getting your hands on some new outdoor clothing, there are a lot of brands out there that you could choose to shop with. You’ll likely want …

When it comes to getting your hands on some new outdoor clothing, there are a lot of brands out there that you could choose to shop with.

You’ll likely want any outdoor gear you ultimately choose to be long-lasting, tough, durable, and all-round high quality.

That’s where brands like Patagonia and Marmot come in.

Both are popular in the outdoor community and both make some very cool attire that will keep you looking sharp and protected from the elements while you’re out in the wild.

Choosing between Marmot vs Patagonia can be challenging though. In this article, we try and make your decision a little bit easier by comparing the two brands to see which one might be the better one for you.

Patagonia and Marmot Reviewed

Both Patagonia and Marmot are known for making high-quality outdoor gear. There are some similarities between them but there are also some key differences.

It’s these differences that are likely to sway your decision between the two brands.


Patagonia Manufacturing Details

Patagonia is one of the most environmentally conscious brands out there with a large amount of recycled materials being used in manufacturing their products.

Unfortunately, not all of the materials required can be recycled so have to be sourced directly. Even in these instances, Patagonia makes sure they source their materials responsibly and ethically to make sure they have the minimal possible impact on the planet.

Patagonia uses Gore-Tex in some of its products. This is a highly waterproof material that is also lightweight and breathable.

What makes Patagonia an extra cool brand though is that they have developed some of their own materials and technologies that work equally as well (if not better) than some more established processes.

Their H2NO fabric technologies hold their own extremely well against Gore-Tex and are even considered by a lot of people to be more comfortable and flexible.

One part of the manufacturing process that is commonly less environmentally friendly is the DWR (durable water repellent) coating. This is obviously an essential part of the process to ensure a good level of water resistance is achieved, but it can involve materials that don’t meet Patagonia’s sustainability aims.

To get around it, Patagonia actually uses Deluge DWR Coating. This is much better for the environment and it lasts longer than the standard DWR treatments meaning fewer applications are needed to get the desired results.

All of Patagonia’s products are thoroughly tested to make sure they meet the high standards the brand sets. The famous 24-hour killer wash test is the brand’s way of testing the longevity of its products. It basically involves drenching a product in water for 24 hours which is meant to replicate long periods of use in a short period of time.

There aren’t many other brands out there who put their manufacturing processes to the test to the level Patagonia does. This is why Patagonia’s products truly are some of the best you can find.

Types of Jackets

Patagonia jacket is a high-performance insulated jacket that is not only comfortable to wear but is also protective of both you and the environment.

There are many different types of jackets available from Patagonia. One of our favorites is the Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket (click here for best deal).

The Torrentshell is a very simple-looking jacket but it has some very cool features that make it stand out from other similar jackets on the market.

It has three layers of protection from the elements making it a warm, comfortable, breathable, and waterproof jacket.

There are two external zippered pockets that are the ideal size to keep your hands warm. These are located on either side of the Torrentshell. There are even zippered pit-zips that can be used to increase airflow and breathability.

The hood is adjustable and can be clipped down if you don’t think you’re going to need it for a while. This is an interesting feature as it adds practicality to the jacket as it prevents the hood from flapping around behind you when it’s not being worn.

The Torrentshell Jacket folds down into its own pocket making it a very convenient rain jacket to carry with you on your outdoor adventures.

Another very popular Patagonia jacket is the Nano Puff Jacket (click here for the best deals). The Nano Puff Jacket is another lightweight jacket that is made from recycled materials.

It’s an ideal jacket to protect you from light rain or it makes for a warm mid-layer if conditions are a bit harsher.

Whatever Patagonia jacket you go for, you can expect a high-performance insulated jacket that is not only comfortable to wear but is also protective of both you and the environment.

Other Gear

Patagonia have a wide range of products in their catalog.

The product range includes sleeping bags, pants, water bottles, bags, wetsuits, and more. Patagonia really is an outdoor brand that is for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Whether you choose some Patagonia pants, a sleeping bag, or any other outdoor apparel, Patagonia gear is made to exceptionally high standards so you can be confident that you’re making a good choice.

Patagonia Philosophy & History

Patagonia began in 1973 as part of the Chouinard Equipment company. Based in Califonia, the American brand originally specialized in climbing gear.

After separating into two separate branches, Patagonia came to be and began its journey into one of the most renowned brands that it is today.

Patagonia has come to be known as a brand that truly cares about the environment and works in ways that are as sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible.

Not only does the brand try to minimize its impact on the planet but it also puts a lot of effort into working in a responsible and ethical way too.

With a large portion of Patagonia’s products being made from recycled materials and many more being fair trade certified – Patagonia is a genuine nature-loving brand.


Marmot Manufacturing Details

Marmot has some similar ideas to Patagonia when it comes to manufacturing their outdoor clothing in sustainable ways.

The brand mainly uses nylon and polyester in its products and makes sure it is all sourced responsibly and sustainably.

Both Patagonia and Marmot want to minimize their impact on the planet which is why Marmot uses as few chemicals as possible, as well as avoiding inks that contain Phthalates and PVC when printing graphics onto their products.

In a further bid to be even more planet-friendly, Marmot has developed some very interesting product ranges such as EvoDry and Eco Featherless. Both of these are sustainable and don’t require harmful chemicals to manufacture.

EvoDry products have a DWR coating but the coating is PFC-free which means it has a much smaller impact on the environment. The Eco Featherless range is a synthetic alternative to down products that doesn’t require birds to be sourced in order to make insulation.

Marmot has been using Gore-Tex in its products for a long time. That hasn’t stopped the brand from creating its own fabric technologies though. Membrain and NanoPro massively increase the weather resistance and breathability of any Marmot jacket made from them.

Another similarity with Patagonia is Marmot’s reputation for manufacturing some truly high-quality outdoor clothing. All of their products last a long time, are highly durable, and comfortable to wear too.

Types of Marmot Jackets

Marmot jacket is a great choice for everyday and occasional backcountry use.

Marmot has a wide range of jackets to choose from so you”ll probably be able to find one that suits your needs and preferences.

One of the jackets the brand offers is the Marmot Mammoth Parka (click here for best deal). This is an oversized winter jacket that is made from Gore-Tex so is highly waterproof and breathable.

It is insulated with 700-fill-power goose down which makes it extremely warm and protective while still being lightweight and compactable.

The velcro cuffs and drawstring waist help you find the most comfortable fit for you while also helping to keep rain and snow away from your body.

The Mammoth Parka is designed to handle cold weather and has two external hand pockets as well as an internal chest pocket that provides ample space for your phone or a spare set of gloves.

Even the hood of this awesome winter jacket is filled with down and can be zipped off for convenience too.

A smaller, lighter, (and cheaper) Marmot jacket is the Novus LT Hybrid Hoody (click here for best deal). This makes for a great mid-layer if you’re heading out in cold weather but it can also be used as a stand-alone jacket in more mild conditions.

It’s made from recycled nylon and uses PrimaLoft Silver insulation to make sure you are warm, comfortable, and protected while out in the wild.

Other Outdoor Clothing and Gear

Marmot products include climbing apparel, sleeping bags, hats, bags, and hiking equipment.

Marmot has an extensive range of products in its catalog.

As well as the brand’s famous insulated jackets and waterproof pants, you can also find Marmot climbing apparel, sleeping bags, hats, bags, and hiking equipment.

If you are heading out into the wild for any kind of outdoor activity, the chances are you will find what you need somewhere in Marmot’s large catalog of products.

Marmot Philosophy & History

As an outdoor brand, Marmot was established in 1974 by Eric Reynolds, Dave Huntley, and Tom Boyce.

These three friends designed their first product together- a puffy jacket called the Golden Mantle. This was initially designed to be in a movie but it went on to become one of the most popular products in the Marmot range.

Marmot was actually one of the first American brands to use Gore-Tex in their products which helped them grow into the well-known and reputable brand they are today.

As mentioned earlier, Marmot has a wide range of products in its catalog including some of the best tents you will find anywhere.

Marmot does a great job in making high-performance outdoor gear while still working as sustainably and as responsibly as possible.

Patagonia vs Marmot: Who Makes The Best Outdoor Gear

In the tight battle of Marmot vs Patagonia, it’s easy to see why these brands are comparable.

Both do their bit in minimizing their impact on the environment, both make extremely high-quality products that last a long time and perform exactly as they need to, and both of these outdoor brands have built strong reputations for being awesome!

Whether you are buying one of the brands’ sleeping bags, jackets, pants, or anything else – you can be confident that it is worth the financial investment.

That being said, if given the choice, we would choose Patagonia over Marmot.

While there’s no denying how good both brands are, Patagonia’s full commitment to the health of our planet, along with their consistency in making some of the best outdoor products you can find gives them a slight edge.

Marmot vs Patagonia – both are awesome brands but Patagonia just scrapes the win!

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