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How to tie an Arbor Knot

The best knot to tie line to the spool of a reel also happens to be one of the simplest fishing knots to tie – it is essentially two overhand knots!

The Arbor Knot is used when you are attaching a new line to the arbor of your fishing reel spool.

And it can be used equally well with monofilament or fluorocarbon line or braided line and for spinning reels and baitcasting reels, as well as fly reels (along with the Nail Knot, it is one of the essential fly fishing knots to know!)

See the illustration below for step by step instructions to tie the Arbor knot (one of our essential 7 fishing knots) and read on for some exclusive Tackle Village tips on spooling new reels.

arbor knot

Here’s a video of me tying the Arbor Knot

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