25 Of The Nautiest Fishing Boat Names Out There

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Fishing boat owners really used their imaginations with these funny and often inappropriate boat names.

Enjoy this gallery of puns, jokes and lewd double entrendres that we’ve put together of well named boats.

1. Meth-od to the their madness: Breaking Bass

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We’re big fans of the show, so hats off to the boat owner for this one.

2. Fish Not Found

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There’s nothing worse than being skunked. At least this boat owner has kept their sense of humor about tough fishing conditions.

3. Doggone it, that’s funny: Pugboat

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Look at these salty sea dogs!

4. Upside Down: Uh Oh!

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Clever from a yachtie with a sense of humor who’s not afraid to capsize.

5. Black Humor: Unsinkable II

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Haha, very good.

6. Don’t Try to Hide It: Dirty Money

dirty money great boat

This one is real gangsta!

7. Pun Times: Pier Pressure


A nice little play on words.

8.Drinking Games: Cirrhosis of the River

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Fair chance you could find a drink aboard this vessel.

9. Boozey Boaters: Aquaholic

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Same here!

10. Size Matters: My Big Deck

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Fair bit of confidence!

11. The Big Boss: Codfather

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Nice one!

12. Naughty but Nice: Reel Nauti

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13. Say it Out Loud: Dijabringabeeralong

46322AE100000578 5069615 image a 42 1510311390705

You’re making me thirsty!

14. A Handy One: Master Baiter

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Works both ways!

15. Reel Therapy

46322AA100000578 5069615 image a 38 1510311359540

Yep, the ocean beats a shrink for most of us.

16. Booty Call: Surrender the Booty

46322A9700000578 5069615 image a 13 1510310765591

Arggghh you pirate!

17. Horny Hooker

46322A6100000578 5069615 image a 11 1510310742208

Nice one!

18. Regrets, I’ve Had A Few

46322A5800000578 5069615 image a 15 1510310782912

I’d love to be this guy’s divorce attorney.

19. Naughty: Boobie Bouncer

46322A5000000578 5069615 image a 41 1510311384786

Well, when you hit those waves.

20. I Didn’t Choose the Tug Life

46322A3800000578 5069615 image a 34 1510311332615

Love it!

21. Wet Dreams Indeed

46322A2800000578 5069615 They say that you might experience more unusual dreams when slee a 47 1510313879416

Maybe his wet dreams became a nightmare as this one’s for sale

22. Fair Trade: She Got the House

46322A1800000578 5069615 image a 37 1510311351171

Another one flagging the lighter side of divorce.

23.Does What It Says on the Tin: Righteous Bikini Babe Express

46322A8B00000578 5069615 image a 14 1510310778134

Plenty of room for sunbathers.

24. Urghh: Full of Seamen

46322A6C00000578 0 image a 5 1510309995533


25. No Money Wasted


A real party boat.

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