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Fly Tying Hook Database and Store: Find the right hooks for any pattern

This tool proudly brought to you by Ahrex Hooks - made without compromise:

Hook comparison tool

Hook search tool

About these tools

Thanks for using our fly tying hook search tool, database and online store. Some info on how to use it is below.

Hook brands

We’ve uploaded more than 160 of the best quality fly hooks from leading brands including Ahrex, Daiichi, Dai-riki, Mustad, Eagle Claw, Gamakatsu, Kamasan, Tiemco and Orvis. (Contact us if there is brand you think we should add.)

Hook types

The database includes dry fly hooks, nymph hooks, streamer hooks, saltwater hooks and salmon/steelhead hooks from these manufacturers.

How to find an equivalent hook

For this you need the Hook Comparison Tool. We’ve made the tool as easy as possible to use – just choose the brand you are looking for first then the hook model number and it will return that hook as well as it’s closest equivalents in the other brands. Feel free to buy through the links provided and support further development of these tools.

In most cases there will be at least three alternatives, but please recognised some hooks are unique to a particular brand.

How to find hooks for a particular type of fly

Use the Hook Search Tool to choose the type of fly you want to tie. Hit enter and the tool will return a list of hooks that are suitable for this fly type sorted by brand. Feel free to buy via the links and support the further development of these tools.

Why you should buy these hooks through us

As we have said, feel free to simply click through on the images to purchase these hooks from one of our affiliate partners. We’d appreciate this as we earn a small commission (at no cost to you) and that helps us to recoup the cost of building the tool. We are also investigating finding a supplier to offer special prices to users of the tool. Watch this space for more on that.

Feedback welcome

We welcome feedback on the tool, so feel free to contact us with suggestions, any errors you’ve picked up or anything else you want to let us know about. Please recognise that when we talk about equivalence we are talking about the closest practical equivalent that we can find and some hooks from one manufacturer don’t always line up exactly with the categories used by another. There are judgement calls we’ve had to make, and no doubt there will be few errors that will need to be ironed out. The intention is to provide a practical alternative across a range of brands rather than a hook that is identical to the one inputted.

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