Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak of 2024 – Our Top 6 Picks

All the best inflatable fishing kayaks reviewed and rated for cost and quality

The versatile capabilities of the kayak are no secret to those in the fishing world today. And over the years fishing kayaks have come a long way, with dedicated kayak platforms specifically designed and suited to fishermen. Inflatable fishing kayaks take it even further in terms of portability and allow anglers to easily access water off the beaten path and take their fishing to a different level.

Let’s take a look at some of the best inflatable fishing kayaks on the market today and our picks for the best overall and best value inflatable kayaks (recommendations are first, with detailed reviews to follow).

Best Overall
Sevylor Coleman Colorado

This kayak has many cool features like paddle holders to keep the paddles out of your way when not in use, and a feature that is sure to be a huge hit with anglers, 4 Berkeley rod holders, allowing you to fish while keeping your hands free to accomplish other tasks.

Best Value
Sevylor Quikpak K1

The Quikpak K1 stays true to its name, with a setup time of only 5 minutes you can be on the water in no time at all and fishing. The K1 is a compact on-seat kayak that offers anglers a very lightweight package that can be deployed essentially anywhere.

Best Value Inflatable Kayak for fishing

Our pick for the best-valued inflatable kayak on this list has to be the Sevylor Quikpak K1. It has everything a single angler could need to rapidly get out on the water anywhere, as well as being compact and incredibly easy to transport.

And in the carry pack, paddle, and pump, it’s ready to go right out of the box at an affordable price.

Overall Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak

The Sevylor Coleman Colorado is the top pick, hands down, for the best inflatable fishing kayak model on this list. You get so many features suited to fishing in this thing.

From 4 quickset fishing rod holders, an option for trolling motor mounting. Add in the extremely durable materials and construction and room for storage along with 2 seats featured with this inflatable kayak that is clearly designed for fishing.

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Best Inflatable Kayak – Detailed Reviews

Sea Eagle 330
Sea Eagle 330
Sea Eagle 330
Our Score

The Sea Eagle 330 fishing kayak is capable of waters up to class III whitewater, with a max capacity of 2 people and/or 500 pounds of total weight.

The Sea Eagle kayak features two skegs on the bottom for improved tracking and speed and a drop stitch floor as well as inflatable spray skirts that can be lashed down with storage underneath – good for extended fishing trips.

Also included with the Sea Eagle 330 fishing kayak are two inflatable and removable seats, two AB30 paddles, a repair kit, a foot pump, and a carry bag with a strap for easy transportation to virtually anywhere you want to go fishing. This makes the Sea Eagle a good value choice.


  • Two paddles
  • Repair kit
  • Good weight rating
Sevylor Quikpak K1
Sevylor Quikpak K1
Sevylor Quikpak K1
Our Score

The Quikpak K1 stays true to its name, with a setup time of only 5 minutes you can be on the water in no time at all and fishing.

The K1 model is a compact kayak that offers anglers a very lightweight package that can be deployed essentially anywhere – great for getting into hard-to-reach fishing locations.

The kayak is made from 21-gauge PVC construction for great durability with a tarpaulin bottom for further protection from punctures and leaks that are a hazard in some fishing environments.

The K1 also has safety features, the air is contained in multiple separate air chambers, meaning if one of the air chambers is punctured, it won’t completely deflate, allowing it to remain buoyant in the event of an emergency situation.

The K1 also comes complete with secure storage options, multiple foot placement spots, and a pretty awesome backpack setup to make for easy transport, a pump to inflate, and a paddle. All great things to have in an inflatable kayak for fishing.


  • Quick setup
  • Compact
  • Tarpaulin bottom
Advanced Elements StraightEdge Pro
Advanced Elements StraightEdge Pro
Advanced Elements StraightEdge Pro
Our Score

The StraightEdge is an excellent option for anglers looking for an inflatable kayak that’s tailor-made for kayak fishing.

For one it was designed with a wider beam than other inflatable kayaks on the market, giving greater stability on the water when traveling or fighting larger fish, and even has built-in aluminum ribs for ultimate tracking. This kayak is almost as stable as a boat!

The kayak features multiple separate air chambers, abrasion pads in areas that have higher chances of wear, and heavy-duty durable materials to prevent leaks or punctures.

The coolest features of this fishing kayak that pertain to anglers are the built-in rod holders, and an option to mount a sonar unit or other types of equipment, and a ruler on the floor to measure your catches.

There are also multiple D rings and bungee deck lacing for multiple storage options.

The StraightEdge comes in at 9 feet 8 inches by 35 inches, weighs 41 pounds, and has a 300-pound weight capacity This thing has all the features an angler could need and will be up for any task, and is also covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Built-in vertical fishing rod holders
  • Great storage options
  • 1-year warranty
Sevylor Coleman Colorado
Sevylor Coleman Colorado
Sevylor Coleman Colorado
Our Score

The Colorado by Sevylor is a 2 person kayak constructed with 18 gauge PVC construction and is NMMA certified.

Along with the rugged PVC construction, it also features a 1000 D tarpaulin and 840 D nylon cover for excellent durability, abrasion, and puncture resistance.

Like some of the other inflatable kayaks mentioned on this list, it also has separate air chambers in the event that part of the kayak is to be punctured.

This kayak has many cool features like paddle holders to keep the paddles out of your way when not in use, and a feature that is sure to be a huge hit with anglers, four Berkley fishing rod holders, allowing you to fish while keeping your hands free to accomplish other tasks.

The Colorado also has a trolling motor mount if you want to take your mobility to the next level.

Other features that make this one of the best inflatable fishing kayaks are additional D rings and mesh pockets for further storage, and a Boston double-threaded valve for easy inflating or deflating.


  • NMMA Certified
  • 4 removable Berkley rod holders
  • Solid construction all around
Sevylor Big Basin 3 Person Inflatable Kayak
Sevylor Big Basin 3 Person Inflatable Kayak
Sevylor Big Basin 3 Person Inflatable Kayak
Our Score

The Sevylor Big Basin isn’t just well constructed like their other kayaks, you can also bring two of your friends with you on your fishing adventures.

This 3-person kayak has dimensions of 12 feet 3 inches long x 3 feet 1 inch at its widest point with three seats.

While this one doesn’t have the rod holders and other features of kayaks like the Colorado, it makes up for it with more interior space.

The Big Basin fishing kayak also has splash guards to keep you dry from waves or whitewater situations.

Other features of the kayak are adjustable seats for added comfort, carry handles for easy portaging or transport when inflated, and a double-threaded Boston valve for easy inflating or deflating.


  • 3 person capacity
  • Splash guards
  • Adjustable seats
Intex Explorer K2
Intex Explorer K2
Intex Explorer K2
Our Score

The Explorer K2 is another 2-seat kayak so you can go out on the water with someone else.

The seats are inflatable and adjustable for total comfort while out on the water.

One thing that's definitely a plus with this fishing kayak is there is plenty of room and floor space, adding to the comfort and storage department.

The kayak comes in at 10 Feet long and 3 feet wide with a maximum weight capacity of 400 Pounds.

This fishing kayak also has a removable skeg for directional stability, and carry handles at each end for easy transport. Also included is an air pump and 2 paddles.


  • Plenty of space
  • 2 paddles
  • Removable skeg
best inflatable fishing kayak

Why Use an Inflatable Kayak?

The biggest reason anglers would consider using inflatable fishing kayaks is due to portability. You can throw the deflated fishing kayak in your vehicle’s back seat and carry it anywhere with the carrying bag or backpack.

This option allows anglers to fish bodies of water that can be in remote places and virtually inaccessible to fishermen without them. Inflatable kayaks can get into a far greater range of areas than conventional kayaks and boats. Having a hard-to-reach fishing spot all to yourself is a great fishing experience.

Carrying Capacity of Fishing Kayaks

Be sure you are aware of your fishing kayak’s weight capacity and not to overload it – remember it is not a boat. This is also an important consideration when it comes to buying one; whether you want to purchase a single seat or double seat, this is angler preference but important.

In our opinion a double-seat fishing kayak is the way to go, even if you are fishing solo, you can use that area for extra storage, and always have the option to bring a friend if you want.

Durability of Inflatable Kayaks for Fishing

The material used in the construction of fishing kayaks is an important factor. While all inflatable kayaks are built with this in mind, some have more durable materials than others.

For instance, some fishing kayaks use 18 gauge PVC material, while others use thicker PVC material. If you plan on fishing ponds, small lakes, and the like, you can get away with the thinner material.

If you are fishing in whitewater situations and on rivers you might want to consider purchasing an inflatable kayak with thicker material.

Additional durability features like abrasion pads, and nylon and tarpaulin covers and bottoms also help protect fishing kayaks from punctures and abrasions when you are on the water.

Cost of Inflatable Kayaks

The other reason to go with an inflatable kayak for fishing is cost. These start from just a few hundred dollars, far cheaper than any rigid kayak or boat, especially quality models such as the Hobie range.

Storage Space for Kayaks

For many fishermen and women, lack of space – either in their car or their home – is the thing that is stopping them from buying a kayak or a boat. With an inflatable kayak for fishing, this is not an issue. When they are deflated, these models all pack away to a convenient size.


The mobility, ease of access, and transport are making inflatable fishing kayaks more and more popular. Some anglers are selling their boats and just fishing from a kayak – and inflatable kayaks are the best option for some people. This list has what we consider to be some of the best inflatable fishing kayaks out there when considering things like price, size, and options such as one, two, or three people.

Take into consideration the waters you plan on fishing with an inflatable fishing kayak before purchasing to make sure you have all your bases covered.

A test drive of the Coleman Colorado
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