Best Bass Hooks: Our Favorite Brands for All Types (2024)

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When it comes to bass fishing, having the right bass fishing hooks can make all the difference between a successful day on the water and coming back empty-handed. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, selecting the right bass hook can greatly impact your chances of landing that trophy catch. 

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of the best hooks for bass fishing and highlight our favorite brands for all types of bass fishing. From offset hooks to trebles, we’ve got you covered with the top-notch brands that deliver the performance, durability, and reliability you need to tackle your next fishing adventure.

Types of Bass Hooks

The variety of bass fishing hooks available at your local tackle shop can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned angler, but understanding the different types of fishing hooks and their purposes is important. From circle hooks to extra wide gap hooks, each design serves a specific function depending on factors such as the bait you’re using, the fishing technique you prefer, and the conditions you’re fishing in.

Offset Fishing Hooks

Offset fishing hook
Offset hooks are versatile and effective, featuring a curved shank and slanted angle that reduces snagging and improves hookups.

Offset bass fishing hooks are one of the most commonly used hooks when bass fishing due to their versatility and effectiveness. These fishing hooks feature a slightly curved shank with the point parallel to the shank at a slightly slanted angle. This design allows for better hookups and reduces the chances of the hook getting caught in vegetation. 

Offset hook styles are ideal for various applications, such as Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, and wacky rigging. They are highly effective when largemouth bass fishing with soft plastic worms, creature baits, or swimbaits. The offset design helps conceal the point inside the bait, increasing the chances of a solid hookset when a bass strikes.

Gamakatsu Offset EWG Worm Hook
Gamakatsu Offset EWG Worm Hook
Gamakatsu Offset EWG Worm Hook
Our Score

This Gamakatsu hook is an outstanding choice for bass anglers looking for a reliable hook for their soft plastic bait presentations. With its sharp and durable construction, this hook consistently delivers solid hooksets and secure holds, ensuring you don't miss out on any strikes. The wide gap design of this hook provides enough space for larger baits and increases the hooking potential making it a go-to option for various bass fishing techniques.

  • Sharp and durable construction for reliable hooksets and secure holds
  • Versatile hook suitable for Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, and other soft plastic bait presentations
  • Made from high-quality forged steel for strength and durability

Straight Shank Hooks

Straight shank hook
Straight shank hooks feature a straight shank with a sharp point for superior penetration and hook-setting.

Straight shank hooks are a popular choice due to their numerous advantages. These hooks feature a straight shank with a very sharp point providing excellent penetration and hook-setting capabilities.

Their design helps prevent fish from shaking loose during the fight, ensuring a higher hookup and landing ratio. Straight shank hooks also offer improved bait presentation, allowing soft plastics and other artificial lures to be rigged neatly and securely.

Mustad Straight Shank Hook
Mustad Straight Shank Hook
Mustad Straight Shank Hook
Our Score

This Mustad hook is great for anglers that want a straightforward hook design. This thinner wire hook has a sharp and sturdy construction that provides consistent hooksets and secure holds, helping to ensure a higher chance of successfully landing bass. The streamlined design of this straight-shank hook offers versatility in various fishing techniques, making it a trusted choice.

  • Sharp and sturdy construction with a thinner wire design
  • Straight shank design for a streamlined and versatile option
  • Available in different sizes to accommodate various bait options and fishing conditions

Octopus or Circle Hook

Circle Hook
Circle hooks decrease the likelihood of gut-hooking fish, reducing harm and increasing the success of catch and release.

Octopus or circle hooks are popular choices among catch-and-release anglers due to their fish-friendly nature. One key advantage of the unique shape of an octopus or circle hook is its ability to reduce the likelihood of gut-hooking fish.

When a bass strikes, these hooks tend to rotate and embed themselves in the corner of the fish’s mouth rather than getting swallowed and deep hooking. This greatly minimizes injury to the fish and increases the chances of a successful catch and release.

Owner SSW Octopus Hook
Owner SSW Octopus Hook
Owner SSW Octopus Hook
Our Score

This popular Owner hook is a tried-and-true option that has gained a strong reputation among anglers of all experience levels as one of the best hooks for bass fishing. With its octopus hook design, this hook excels in delivering solid hooksets and securely holds and should absolutely have a place in your tackle box. Whether you're using live bait or targeting bass with cut bait, this hook provides exceptional performance and will help guarantee that your catches stay hooked.

  • Octopus hook design enhances bait presentation and increases hooking potential
  • Versatile hook suitable for live bait fishing and cut bait presentations
  • Made from high-quality materials to be highly durable and long-lasting

Wide Gape and Extra Wide Gap Hooks

Wide Gap Hook
Wide gap hooks have a wider gap between the shank and point, making them advantageous for targeting bass in heavy cover.

These hooks feature a wider gap between the shank and the point when compared to other hooks that allow for better hooking and secure holding of bass. The wider gap ensures that the hook point has a greater chance of penetrating the fish’s mouth when it strikes, resulting in a higher hook-up ratio.

This design also allows for a better presentation of larger and thicker soft plastic baits. Wide gape and extra wide gap hooks are particularly beneficial when targeting bass in heavy cover or during situations where a solid hookset is crucial for landing fish successfully.

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Wide Gap Worm Hook
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Wide Gap Worm Hook
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Wide Gap Worm Hook
Our Score

As one of the more popular names in hook manufacturing, this Eagle Claw hook is a highly regarded and reliable option for any angler searching for a hook with an extra wide gap design to accommodate large and girthier baits. This hook provides more than enough space for solid hooksets and offers increased hooking potential even when loaded with larger-than-average baits. This hook's sharpness and durability ensure consistent performance making it a go-to choice for bass fishing enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels.

  • Wide gap design provides increased hooking potential and accommodates larger baits
  • Made from high-quality materials for long-lasting performance with live bait
  • Available in different sizes to accommodate different bait options and fishing conditions

Drop Shot Hooks

Drop Shot Hook
Drop shot hooks present bait at a specific depth above the water, mimicking the natural behavior of baitfish.

Designed specifically for drop shot rigs, these hooks have a unique shape and configuration that makes them ideal for catching bass in various fishing conditions. The primary advantage of drop shot hooks lies in their ability to present the bait or soft plastic lures at a specific depth just above the lake or riverbed.

This technique mimics natural baitfish behavior and encourages bass to strike. Drop shot hooks also offer exceptional hook-setting capabilities due to their exposed design making sure you don’t miss a good hookset on that next trophy fish.

VMC Drop Shot Hook - Spinshot
VMC Drop Shot Hook - Spinshot
VMC Drop Shot Hook - Spinshot
Our Score

The Spinshot drop shot hook is a standout choice for any fishing enthusiasts or weekend anglers seeking a strong and innovative hook specifically designed for drop shot fishing. With its unique Spinshot design, this is one of the best hooks for bass fishing that offers exceptional versatility and eliminates line twists providing a hassle-free drop shot experience. The sharp and durable construction of the Spinshot ensures solid hooksets and secure holds on even the most aggressive or energetic fish, making it a perfect option for anglers looking to maximize their drop shot fishing success with a highly active bass.

  • Spinshot design eliminates line twist and allows for effortless bait movement
  • Specifically designed for drop shot fishing, offering enhanced versatility
  • Made from high-quality materials and perfect for any tackle box

Treble Hooks

Standard Treble Hook
Treble hooks with multiple points enhance the chances of potentially hooking multiple smaller fish at once, leading to higher success rates.

The multiple points on a treble hook provide a higher probability of piercing the fish’s mouth and getting a secure and reliable hookset. Bass that are known for their aggressive strikes often attack lures or bait with great speed and force, making the larger and more noticeable treble hooks ideal for capturing their attention. The extra points also increase the likelihood of hooking multiple smaller fish simultaneously, increasing your chances of success.

Mustad UltraPoint Triple Grip Treble Hook
Mustad UltraPoint Triple Grip Treble Hook
Mustad UltraPoint Triple Grip Treble Hook
Our Score

While somewhat more difficult to remove fish from, this treble hook is a solid choice for bass anglers seeking a high-performance treble hook. With its Mustad-specific Triple Grip design, this treble hook offers exceptional hooking power and secure holds, making sure that bass stay hooked even during long and strenuous fights. The extremely sharp and highly durable construction of this hook provides reliable performance and increased chances of successfully landing bass.

  • Extremely sharp treble points for reliable hooksets and secure holds
  • Triple Grip design enhances hooking potential and provides superior holding power
  • Perfect for various bass fishing techniques, including crankbait fishing and topwater lures
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