Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair Review: Comfort & Classic

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Sitting down by your campfire, taking the weight off of your legs, and drinking a cold beer – these are some of the highlights of any camping trip or outdoor adventure.

The Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair gives you the perfect place to sit comfortably while you enjoy your time in the wild.

In this article, we look at this Yeti camp chair in detail highlighting its features, construction, and what makes it different from other camp chairs.

Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair Review

Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair Review
Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair Review
Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair Review
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The Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair is a very tough and rugged camping chair that can comfortably support up to 500 pounds in weight.

It has been made to last so its frame has been reinforced with two layers of aluminum alloy. It also has solid cast joints which are similar to those you get on pick-up truck door hinges so there is no risk of collapse with this Yeti chair.

A carry handle has been built into the frame for easy carrying and to make things even more convenient – the Hondo Base Camp Chair comes with its own carry tote too.

This camp chair is as close to indestructible as you can get so if you like your outdoor furniture to last even when taking a bit of a beating, this could be the best camp chair for you. 

  • Breathable material helps keep you comfortable while still being able to hold up to 500 pounds
  • The attached cup holder stays upright even when the chair is folded so you never have to worry about spilling your drink
  • The fabric features a “custom over  mold” which prevents the seams from breaking or tearing

Yeti Hondo Chair Key Features

Hondo Base Camp Specs

When folded, the Hondo Base Camp Chair measures 7 1/8” × 32 1/4” × 26 1/2”.

When unfolded ready to be sat on, it measures 30 1/8” × 35” × 26 1/2”.

It should be noted at this point that this is not a light, portable camp chair as it weighs 16.5 pounds but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

If you consider the name that Yeti has given this chair, they have purposely called it a base camp chair which gives the impression it is designed to be taken to your camp, set up, and then left in place for the duration of your trip.

Regular camping chairs are commonly lightweight and portable but they are also usually very flimsy chairs that quickly break or develop some kind of fault.

The Hondo Base Camp Chair is not going to break and let you down. It is one of the toughest outdoor chairs you will be able to find and it is perfect for backyard barbecues, sitting around your campfire on a camping trip, and anywhere else where you plan on sitting for extended periods of time.


The Hondo Base Camp Chair has been designed to be a much tougher, longer-lasting, and all-around more practical version of traditional camping chairs.

It is simple in design but, as always with Yeti, has been over-engineered to give you everything you could want from a camp chair.

It provides a surprisingly comfortable sitting area and can easily turn your little piece of the wild into a base camp you won’t want to leave.

Practicality and convenience have been designed into the camp chair so the built-in carry handle and included chair bag makes for transporting the Hondo around a pretty simple process.

The seat itself uses unique materials and weaves to eliminate pressure points. This may sound complicated but it basically means you can sit for much longer without any kind of discomfort.

Hondo Base Camp Chair Construction and Materials

We have said it before and we will say it again – this is one tough camp chair.

The frame has been reinforced with two layers of age-hardened aluminum alloy preventing any kind of bending or breaking.

It has also been made to handle UV rays without suffering from any chipped paint or disintegrating fabric.

Yeti are known for the great construction and incredible quality of their products and the Hondo Base Camp Chair more than lives up to this reputation.

Even though this camp chair has been made to be tough, highly durable, and able to withstand the rigors of outdoor life – it is also a great camp chair that offers plenty of back support, a cup holder for your beer, and it folds conveniently too.

If sling-style camp chairs don’t give you enough support – the Hondo Base Camp Chair is well worth a look.

Final Thoughts on the Yeti Hondo Chair

Yes, there are lighter camp chairs out there, yes there are smaller and more portable camp chairs out there – but you might be hard-pressed to find a better camp chair!

The Hondo Base Camp Chair is tough, durable, practical, and extremely well made.

It is comfortable and makes for the perfect addition to a campsite, backyard, parade, or fishing trip.

Yeti always seem to think of everything their customers want so they even have a slightly lighter and slightly more portable version of the Hondo in the Yeti Trailhead Camp Chair.

The Trailhead Chair has very similar features to the Hondo but has a different folding mechanism for more mobility.

Yeti make awesome products and the Hondo Base Camp Chair is another one to add to the list!

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