Patagonia Women’s Pants: Full Range Explained + 10 Top Picks

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This article is designed to help you pick the right pants from Patagonia’s women’s pants range. We go through 10 models in the rive different ranges; hiking, climbing, casual, workwear and yoga/running:

  1. Patagonia Women’s Shop coveralls.
  2. Women’s Happy Hike Studio Pants.
  3. Women’s Chambeau Rock Pants.
  4. Patagonia Women’s Snap – TTM fleece pants.
  5. Women’s Endless Run tights.
  6. Garden Island Pants.
  7. Pack Out Hike Pants.
  8. All-season Hemp Canvas Double Knee Pants.
  9. Women-Centered Tights.
  10. Skyliner Traveler pants.

Patagonia’s Women’s Hiking Pants Range

Hiking pants – loved by hikers and mountain bikers -are tough yet comfortable and stretchy yet breathable. Their durability will withstand harsh terrain, changing weather, and still keep you dry, safe, and looking good. 

Shop the Hiking Pants Range

Skyliner Traveler Pants

The price of these pants is $89. They have a slim leg silhouette and durable stretch-woven water resistant fabric.


  • 40-UPF sun protection.
  • Back yoke, and zippered leg opening.
  • Classic 5-pocket styling.
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Buy now at Patagonia

Pack Out Hike Pants

These pants are abrasion-resistant to withstand rough rocks and thorny vegetation. They fit perfectly to your figure and are reinforced in the butt and knee making them great for sliding, climbing, or scrambling if the need arises. You’ll get them at a price of $119.


  • Ribbed waistband, and gusseted crotch.
  • Three pockets, one zippered.
  • A PC-free DWR finish.

Patagonia Climbing Pants for Women

As an avid rock climber, I found out early that jeans or any tights that I first lay my eyes on won’t cut it.  I’ve got a few scars on my knees to prove it. Quality climbing pants are created tough to withstand the rocky surfaces, remain breathable all the time, and not affect your performance, your safety, or navigation.

Shop the Patagonia Climbing Pants Range

Patagonia Women’s Hampi Rock Pants

This model of pants is sewn from a durable hemp/ recycled polyester mix and DWR ( Durable water resistance) fabric. The Hampi pants are abrasion-resistant and breathe well when you are working up a sweat. The waistband is high stretch and unnoticeable under a harness. This product offers comfort and warmth enough for cool evenings and fits any size. These are my favorite pants in 2021 with a price of $79.


  • Elasticized cuffs and tapered lower legs to give a clear view fro foot placement.
  • Drop-in front pockets with mesh pockets bags.
  • Articulated patterns and lightweight material.
Buy now at Patagonia

Women Chambeau Rock Pants

These are lightweight, comfortable, perfect for every weather, and give full range motion in the hip and knee area. They fit just right and you can get at an average price of $99 and wear them for a long time.


  • Articulated pattern for comfort under the harness.
  • Light recycled spandex polyester fabric with DWR.
  • Drop-in and rear pockets, ankle cuffs, and contoured waistband.

Patagonia Workwear for Women

These women’s overalls and pants designed to appeal to homesteaders, gardeners, people doing crafts, and foragers. The pants have a high waist that stays in place even after bending and cuffed ankles in both overalls and pants to keep bugs and mosquitoes away. They’re very comfortable, durable, and breezy.

Shop the Patagonia Workwear Range

All Season Hemp Canvas Double Knee Pants

Needs no break-in, offers breathability, comfort, and toughness. They are affordable, $79, have a hemp feel and they tuck easily into boots.


  • 4 pockets and a hammer loop.
  • High adjustable waist and ventilated rear yoke.
  • Doubled kneed with knee pads inserted.

Women Shop Coveralls

These coveralls have ventilated yoke to keep your sweat levels down in warm weather. At the price of $149, they are worth every penny and come in four colors. I find the adjustable waist is a plus.


  • Gussetted front drop-in pocket, 4 pockets, and hammer loop.
  • Reinforced double knee with bottom 4 knee pad.
  • 2 button-snap chest and sleeve pencil on the left arm.

Patagonia’s Casual Women’s Pants Range

Casual pants, leisure pants, are normally the popular choice when going for a relaxed, spontaneous, occasional everyday look. There’s a variety of categories to pick from this range and you cant count on them to be comfortable, versatile, and loose-fitting.

Shop Women’s Casual Pants Range

Garden Island Pants

Now, these pants are gorgeous, fashionably cut with a loose-fitting/ airy silhouette that flatters with movement but doesn’t affect navigation. The price is $99 come in Pumice, henna brown, and ink-black. You’ll find the pants are super comfortable and are true to their name.


  • Two back patch pockets with coconut buttons.
  • Front tie on the flat, elastic waistband.
  • Lightweight material fit for summer.

Women’s Snap-T ™ Fleece Pants

My favorite in this pick was the buckwheat gold-colored ones. Their price is $89 and they’re available in a menu of four colors and are suitable for any kind of weather, have an adjustable waistband and it’s best not to iron them. 


  • Super soft fleece made of 100% recycled polyester.
  • Comfortable cuffs.
  • Lightweight, 2 drop-in pockets.

Patagonia Running Tights and Yoga Leggings

There are many companies making running tights and yoga leggings, but Patagonia’s are among the best on the market for style, fit and function.

Shop Patagonia running tights and yoga leggins

Women Endless Run Tights

The tights in light plum grey-X Dye color look cool and are great to run in. The price is $99 and they come in four colors in a durable odor controlled fabric. I bought a pair from their store in my town and love them.


  • Semisecure pocket at the back.
  • Quick-drying fabric.
  • Mesh at both sides of lower legs and back of knees.

Women-Centered Tights

Women-Centered Tights are perfect for yoga because they’re high-performance, stretchy and have contoured side seams for better next-to-skin comfort.


  • Hidden key pocket at the waistband.
  • Durable odor-control, quick-drying fabric.
  • Chafe-free.

Final thoughts on Patagonia’s pants range for women

The way Patagonia’s pantsare made, with deliberate attention to detail, makes them fit the bill for the job they’re meant to do. Its products are made from recycled materials and they have also pledged 1% of each sale to saving the environment. You can shop their range by the links in this article or any Patagonia store near you.

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