Do Glow in the Dark Fishing Lures Work? Full Guide

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Fishing enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new ways to improve their chances of catching the big one, and one trend that has gained popularity in recent years is the use of glow in the dark fishing lures. 

These lures are designed to emit a phosphorescent glow in low-light conditions and are marketed as a game-changing tool for night fishing or in murky waters. But do they actually work? 

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore glowing lures and their effectiveness in attracting fish. We’ll also provide some tips on how to choose the best glowing lures and how to use them for maximum success.

What Makes a Glow in the Dark Lure Effective

Glow in the Dark lures
The effectiveness of glow in the dark lures depends on their brightness, duration of glow, design and construction.

The effectiveness of a glow lure is largely dependent on its ability to attract fish in low-light conditions. When a glowing lure is charged with light or natural UV rays from the sun, it emits a phosphorescent glow that can be seen by fish even in murky water or at night

The color and intensity of the glow can vary depending on the type of lure and the amount of charge it receives, but the brighter and longer-lasting the glow, the more effective the lure will be for night fishing. 

Another factor that can make a glow in the dark lure effective is its overall design and construction. Lures that are designed to mimic the movement and appearance of real baitfish and that are made with high-quality materials and sharp hooks are more likely to attract and catch fish, even in low-light conditions.

When Is the Best Time to Use Them

Glow in the dark lures are most effective in low-light conditions, such as during sunrise, sundown, or at night. In these conditions, the glowing lure can be more easily seen to fish than traditional lures, which can help to attract a variety of species to the bait. 

Additionally, glowing fishing lures can be useful in murky or stained water where visibility is reduced since the glowing effect can help the predator species locate the bait more easily.  

It’s important to consider the specific species of fish being targeted and their behavior patterns when deciding whether to use a glow lure since not all fish will be active at night. Glow lures can still be a useful tool for anglers looking to improve their success in low-light or murky conditions.

Glow in the Dark Ice Fishing Lures

Glow in the dark lures (1)
When using glow in the dark lures, consider water depth, UV levels, and the size and behavior of the targeted fish.

The effectiveness of glow lures for ice fishing depends on a few factors, including the depth of the water and the level of UV rays in the environment. These glowing lures can be effective for attracting species such as perch, walleye, and pike, which tend to be more active during low-light conditions. However, even dark lures work for these species in many cases.

When using glowing lures, it’s important to choose one that is appropriate for the depth of the water being fished as well as the size and behavior of the targeted fish. Some lures are designed to imitate the movement and appearance of small baitfish, while others may be more stationary and rely on the glowing effect to attract predator fish.

Glow in the dark ice fishing lures can be a useful tool for ice anglers looking to improve their success during low-light conditions. By choosing the right glow in the dark lures and fishing in the right environment, you can increase your chances of catching more fish in the dark and chilly winter months.

Is It Legal to Use Glow Lures

In most cases, the use of a glowing lure is legal for recreational fishing. However, there may be specific regulations or restrictions that vary by state or region, so it’s important to check local fishing regulations before using glow in the dark lures.

Some areas may have restrictions on the types of lures or baits that can be used or may have rules regarding the use of artificial lights to attract various species. For example, some states may prohibit the use of illuminated lures or lights attached to fishing gear to attract fish, while others may require the use of only certain types of lures or baits.

It’s important to follow all local fishing regulations and guidelines to ensure that fishing is conducted in a legal and sustainable manner. Using glow in the dark lures responsibly and ethically and taking care to properly handle and release the species that are caught can help to ensure that fishing remains a fun and enjoyable activity for everyone.

Our Best Glow in the Dark Fishing Lures

Storm WildEye Live Perch
Storm WildEye Live Perch
Storm WildEye Live Perch
Our Score

This glow in the dark lure is designed to mimic the look and swimming action of a live perch, making it an excellent choice for targeting predator fish like bass, pike, and walleye. Its lifelike 3D holographic eyes, detailed body patterns, and realistic swimming action make it irresistible to fish.

  • Realistic design and swimming action that mimics various live bait
  • Built-in glow in the dark finish for improved visibility in low-light conditions
  • Comes in multiple sizes and colors for different fishing situations
Z-Man TRD TicklerZ
Z-Man TRD TicklerZ
Z-Man TRD TicklerZ
Our Score

These glow in the dark soft plastic baits are great for targeting bottom-dwelling species like catfish and bass. They feature a segmented body design that produces a natural wiggling motion, and their buoyant material keeps them suspended above the bottom, which is easier for fish to see and strike.

  • Glowing finish to enhance visibility in low-light situations
  • Buoyant material keeps bait suspended above the bottom
  • Segmented body design produces a natural wiggling motion
Acme Kastmaster Spoon
Acme Kastmaster Spoon
Acme Kastmaster Spoon
Our Score

This versatile spoon lure is effective for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, and its glow in the dark finish makes it highly visible in low-light conditions. It has a realistic swimming action that mimics live baitfish, and its reflective finish can attract from a distance.

  • Designed to improve visibility in low-light conditions with glow paint
  • Highly reflective finish that works as a fish attractor from a distance
  • Realistic swimming action that mimics live baitfish
Berkley Gulp! Alive! Shrimp
Berkley Gulp! Alive! Shrimp
Berkley Gulp! Alive! Shrimp
Our Score

This glow in the dark soft plastic bait is designed to imitate a live shrimp and is effective for targeting a variety of saltwater types, including redfish, trout, and flounder. Its lifelike design and scent attract fish, and its soft material makes it easy for fish to bite and hold onto.

  • Finish is coated with a glow color for better visibility
  • Lifelike design and scent for certain species to target
  • Soft material makes it easy to bite and hold onto

Which Color Is Best for Fluorescent Lures?

When it comes to fluorescent lures, there are several colors that are commonly used and can be effective in different fishing situations. The most popular colors for fluorescent lures are chartreuse, pink, and orange, as these colors are highly visible in dark or murky water conditions.

Chartreuse is a bright, neon yellow-green color that is highly visible in darker conditions and can be effective for attracting trophies in murky water or during dawn and dusk periods.

Pink is another highly visible color that can be effective for freshwater species in dark conditions, especially in deep water or in areas with heavy vegetation.

Orange is also a popular color option, as it is highly visible and can be effective for attracting fish in murky or darker conditions or in areas with heavy cover or structure, especially if they love bioluminescent prey.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and observe which ones are most effective in different situations. This can help you determine the best color that the right species respond positively towards.

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