Fish Finder App Reviews: iPhone and Android

Everyone has a smartphone these days, including anglers. And one of the best things about having a smartphone is using a fish finder app. With so many fishing apps on …

Everyone has a smartphone these days, including anglers. And one of the best things about having a smartphone is using a fish finder app. With so many fishing apps on the app store for both Android and iPhone, it can be difficult to decide just which of the many fishing apps is right for you.

Some fish finders will suggest a specific fishing app to be used with their physical unit, but in other cases, you are free to choose an app that works for your specific needs whether you are saltwater fishing, ice fishing, or simply exploring new spots on your next fishing trip.

Whether you want to focus on trout fishing or shore fishing, having the right iPhone or Android fishing apps for your daily use with either a free subscription or a premium subscription can make your fishing trip much more enjoyable and highly lucrative when you want to catch your next trophy fish.

Deeper PRO+ Fish Finder (Phone App Integration)

Deeper Pro Fishing App
The Deeper PRO+ Fish Finder is a robust and versatile fishing device with a long-lasting battery, suitable for both advanced and beginner fishermen. It integrates with a popular fishing app and provides bathymetric mapping, Bluetooth connectivity, and a flasher mode for ice fishing.

Deeper PRO+ is a fish finder that is perfect for advanced and beginning fishermen alike. It offers a powerful and robust physical exterior, with a long-lasting lithium battery that can keep your fish finder running strong for up to 6 hours.

This fish finder can also operate perfectly well in temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a suitable fishing device for ice fishing, while also being robust enough for saltwater fishing.

The fishing app integration can also provide a bathymetric map of the scanned area, giving you a clear view of the topography from your small boat, canoe, or kayak. The Deeper app is one of the most popular fishing apps around when it comes to keeping track of your fishing trips or favorite fishing tips.

  • Operating temperature range of -4F to 104F
  • Bluetooth connection range of up to 160 feet
  • Includes a flasher mode for ice fishing

Lowrance FishHunter PRO Portable Fish Finder

Lowrance Fishhunter App
The Lowrance FishHunter PRO fishing app is a mobile application that works with the Lowrance FishHunter PRO Portable Fish Finder and provides detailed underwater scans and fish information on Android or iOS devices. The app offers GPS mapping, customizable settings, and the ability to store and share fishing data, and enhances the overall fishing experience.

Lowrance has created this small and lightweight fishing device to be fully portable, weighing in at just 5 ounces yet still able to deliver clear images in water up to 160 feet in depth with the advanced camera mode.

You’ll be able to use this fish finder with the Fish Hunter fishing app which is available on the iOS or Android app stores. This is one of the best fishing apps for casual anglers to use as it provides fishing reports, weather forecasts, and other information you need to get the best fishing experience.

When it comes to wireless connection, you can connect to this app and device via WiFi or Bluetooth, with the former being somewhat faster in speed than the latter with a solid connection range of roughly 150 feet. The traditional sonar can deliver up to 675 kHz giving you a definition as high as CHIRP sonar.

  • Excellent app connectability at up to 150 feet distance
  • Crystal clear sonar images from 160 feet in depth
  • Easy connection to the fishing app via WiFi or Bluetooth

Vexilar SP-200 Smartphone Fish Finder

Vexilar Phone Sonar App
The Vexilar SP-200 Smartphone Fish Finder is a compact and portable fishing device that allows anglers to view underwater scans on their smartphone via a mobile app. It uses advanced sonar technology to scan for fish and underwater structures and provides a convenient and effective solution for finding fish.

While the Vexilar fishing app may not be a brand you are familiar with, their SP-200 fish finder for smartphones can be useful for kayak trips and saltwater fishing trips to any location in the world.

Able to create its own hotspot with WiFi, this fishing app and device has a high level of compatibility for most fishing techniques and different types of anglers. You’ll be able to find this fishing app device at many local bait shops, as well as online.

The visual effects of this fishing app can appeal to any fisherman, whether you are an old pro with electronics or someone that normally stays away from them. The best fishing app will connect to your phone or tablet easily, and can provide depth information, sonar views, and more.

  • Pristine visual effects and an easy-to-navigate app interface
  • Provides key information including depth, temperature, and more
  • Sonar views are clear, with arches and schools shown in detail

ReelSonar Wireless Bluetooth iBobber Smart Phone Fish Finder

iBobber fish finder app
The iBobber fish finder app is a mobile application designed for use with the iBobber fishing device, providing real-time underwater scans and fish information on a smartphone or tablet. It offers GPS mapping, customizable settings, and the ability to store and share fishing data, enhancing the overall fishing experience.

If you love small and compact fishing device apps that can slide into your pocket or tackle box, the ReelSonar iBobber is perfect for you. Linked to one of the best fishing apps around, the iBobber can provide premium and bonus features at a reasonable cost.

Weighing less than 2 ounces and measuring 3 inches across, this bobber with an integrated app is small enough to tuck into the pocket of your favorite fishing vest for your next trip out on the lake.

The iBobber can deliver clear views of fish and structures up to 135 feet deep, with a reliable 243-foot distance on the sonar beam with a 42-degree angle on the cone. You’ll get 100 feet of Bluetooth connection, making it great for use in tight areas, around docks and piers, or when casting from shore.

  • Small and lightweight for easy transporting anywhere at any time
  • Maximum depth of 135 feet with 10 hours of battery life
  • Features a GPS Tag feature and Trip Log to chart your travels

Other Useful Fishing Apps


Fishbrain app
Fishbrain is a fishing app that provides real-time fishing forecasts and live mapping of fishing hotspots, as well as a platform for anglers to connect and share tips. It also includes advanced fishing analytics and personal fishing statistics to help anglers track their progress and make informed decisions.

This fishing app is extremely useful for a wide range of tasks such as acting as a fishing logbook, providing marine weather forecasts, and offering weekly location reports. It can also keep track of all your fish photos, as well as cover your catches by logging the location and fish details of each catch.

The fishing app also provides a way for you to share details about your catch with others while preserving your privacy and not blurting out all the details of where it was caught. Additionally, you’ll find a variety of detailed maps on the free version of this app, as well as a robust collection of depth maps, downloadable maps, and catch data with the yearly subscription on the app.

When using the Fishbrain app, you can also take advantage of an interactive map that helps you track and discover new fishing holes on your favorite lakes, or brand new lakes entirely. You’ll not only be able to log your own details on that spot but download information from other anglers as well.

  • Outstanding app for tracking your catches through photos and maps
  • App lets you waypoint favorite fishing spots on lakes in the area
  • App allows you to track your own information, or download from others


Trout Routes App
Trout Routes is a fishing app designed for trout fishermen, offering real-time information on fishing hotspots, maps, and directions. It also provides a platform for users to log their catches, share tips and stories, and connect with other trout fishermen in the community.

The perfect navionics app for the trout angler, the TroutRoutes app keeps track of your favorite and most lucrative trout fishing streams and rivers similar to Google Maps. You’ll find this app also offers enhanced map layers to give you a bird’s eye view of streams and rivers, and where they run through your area.

The TroutRoutes app is perfect for both beginner fly fishing anglers, as well as old pros. This simple app covers more than 20,000 specific streams, rivers, and waterways where trout are common in more than 20 different states making it one of the best and most robust trout fishing apps around.

While this is one of the best fishing apps for trout anglers, it can also be a useful app for saltwater fishermen that want to log catches, keep track of their GPS coordinates, check the water depth or moon phase, log the success of specific lures, and more.

  • Tens of thousands of streams mapped for your viewing in the app
  • App provides layered views of various maps for more than 20 states
  • App provides incredible amounts of detail in mapping of various waters

Dynalist for Fishing Trip Planning

Dynalist App
Dynalist is a productivity tool for fishing trip planning, offering a flexible outline-based structure for organizing information and tasks. It also provides collaboration features, enabling users to share their fishing trip plans and work together on the planning process.

Another app that I use for fishing trip planning is Dynalist. Dynalist is a simple app to make lists with the option of checkboxes to cross things off as you pack them.

I have created a standard list for a fishing day trip, an interstate multi-day trip, and a kayak fishing trip. I have them saved and they sync to my phone so as I pack the items on the list I can tick them off.

Dynalist has a lot more features than this, but the ability to create a simple checkable list that syncs with my phone is vital for me. These lists have saved me from forgetting vital fishing items many, many times.

  • Great for trip planning
  • Can add checkboxes on the list
  • Syncs with phone and desktop
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