The Best Spinnerbait Trailers For Catching Big Bass

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Fishing for bass can be an exciting hobby for anyone, both new and experienced. But with so many different bait choices, it may be hard to decide on the right spinner bait trailer. 

Spinnerbaits are a popular choice when you want to catch more fish, but then you have to decide on the right spinnerbait trailer. Each spinnerbait trailer listed below will work well on most spinnerbaits and can do well in most types of water.

Best Spinner Bait Trailers: Our Top 6 picks

Zoom Bait Creepy Crawler Twin Tail
Zoom Bait Creepy Crawler Twin Tail
Zoom Bait Creepy Crawler Twin Tail
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Twin tail spinner bait trailers are a very popular and reliable trailer when you want big action and some decent vibration in the water to catch aggressive bass.

These spinner bait trailers can be found in a huge range of colors and a few different sizes to suit your needs; whether you are fishing in stained water or clear.

Zoom infuses their creepy crawler spinner bait trailers with a salt mixture that makes aggressive bass fish hold on tight and give you a few seconds to set the hook.

  • Double-tail soft plastics create a lot of action and vibrations in the water
  • Huge range of popular colors including green pumpkin and silhouettes
  • Infused with a salt mixture to make the taste less foreign to big bass
Keitech Swing
Keitech Swing
Keitech Swing
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While you might find some bass trailers similar to the Keitech Swing, it stands well above the competition when it comes to being an effective spinnerbait presentation for bass.

This soft plastic is great for flicking in and around structures and cover, and gives you a wide range of control when you need to pop it in and around those areas to catch more bass.

The Swing is a very versatile trailer that can be effective in all water types and throughout every season when you want to get big bass to take notice.

  • Baits can be found in multiple sizes to suit your bass bait needs
  • Highly versatile for year-round fishing and all water types and every location
  • Great for fishing near cover, underwater structures, and weed beds
Zoom Bait Salty Super Fluke Bait
Zoom Bait Salty Super Fluke Bait
Zoom Bait Salty Super Fluke Bait
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The super fluke soft plastic bait trailer is extremely popular in both the split tail and paddle tail versions, and both can do well for casual fishing and fishing tournaments.

Extremely versatile for use on a wide range of different rigs including the Texas rig, Alabama rig, and Drop Shot rig when you want to land bigger bass.

For big movement in shallow water fishing, the paddle tail lures displace an insane amount of water to help get your spinnerbait presentation noticed by bigger fish in the area.

  • Found in both the extremely popular paddle tail and split tail versions
  • Can be highly effective for cold water and shallow water fishing
  • Displaces a huge amount of water to make your trailer dance and wiggle
Strike King Rage Swimmer
Strike King Rage Swimmer
Strike King Rage Swimmer
Our Score

Extremely affordable and very popular, the Rage Swimmer is a great presentation for fishing for big bass fish in clear and bright water.

The trailer has a ribbed body and paddle tail to give you an incredible amount of vibrations and sound when pulled through the water and fishing slow in the early spring.

Excellent trailer option for using on spinnerbaits or jigs, and can do well when used on a Drop Shot as well.

  • Sleek nose with ribbed body and paddle tail create excellent water vibrations
  • Versatile enough to be fished with a range of lures, baits and rigging
  • Has a great profile and color to get smallmouth bass excited in clear water
Mister Twister
Mister Twister
Mister Twister
Our Score

These popular soft plastics are a perfect choice for adding to your spinnerbaits, especially when you are interested in catching bass and other big fish.

The 3-inch light-colored version is great for sunny days and clearer water, while the darker-colored 4-inch version will do well to get more bites in a stained water location.

 You’ll get a very eye-catching movement when the Mr Twister is pulled through the water, helping fish of all sizes take notice of your soft plastic.

  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors; though 3-inch and 4 inches are best
  • Very active soft plastic movement when pulled through the open water
  • Versatile enough for use behind spinnerbaits, and on various rigs
Zako Swimbait
Zako Swimbait
Zako Swimbait
Our Score

If you’re looking for incredibly active and realistic movement, Zako has you covered with their Swimbait tail grub.

Not only is it made from high-quality materials, but it’s also infused with a salt attractant to help more bass and other cold-water fish hold on tight while you set the hook.

Versatile enough for use behind spinnerbaits or on Drop Shot rigs, this simple but highly effective soft plastic bait is great for anglers of all skill levels.

  • Very flexible and stretchy with highly realistic movements in the water
  • Excellent option for beginners to consider, but versatile enough for pros
  • Perfect choice for shallow and clear water due to its realistic movements

Spinnerbaits and Trailers: FAQ

Are Trailers Needed for Spinnerbaits?

Spinnerbait trailers soft baits 1

Whether you are new or experienced when it comes to bass fishing, you may be wondering if a spinnerbait trailer is necessary when fishing with spinnerbaits. Most anglers swear by using a spinnerbait trailer on their spinnerbait, unless they are doing very targeted finesse fishing.
Spinnerbait trailers not only help get your presentation noticed, but they can also help bulk up your bait when you are targeting larger hungry fish. If you don’t need the bulky profile, or want to do some finesse bass fishing, a spinnerbait trailer can be excluded altogether.

When to Add a Spinnerbait Trailer

While there are some times when spinnerbait trailers are not going to be used, in general, any spinnerbait can benefit from being paired with the right trailer. Ensuring you have matched the trailer well to your main spinnerbait, as well as the water conditions and season you are currently fishing in, can make a huge difference in how many fish take notice.
Adding the best spinnerbait trailers is most effective if:
– You need a larger profile for fish to take notice
– You are fishing in the deep water column
– You are fishing very slowly
– You want big action and water displacement

When to Not Add a Spinnerbait Trailer

Spinnerbait trailers soft baits 2

While the majority of times you drop a spinnerbait into the water you will find spinnerbait trailers are useful, there are still a few occasions when a trailer can be less effective on your overall fishing results. While there is no hard set rule on when you can and cannot use a trailer or trailer hook, it may come down to your own personal preferences and what works for you.
Keeping a trailer off of your spinnerbait is usually best if:
– You are bass fishing in extremely clear water with timid fish
– You are working in a targeted or finesse situation
– You have opted to use a trailer hook instead of a trailer bait

Final Thoughts on the Best Trailers for Spinnerbaits

Trying out a few different styles of trailers is your best option in finding the one that works best for fish in your area.

Finding the right standard or split tail trailer for your spinnerbait may take some trial and error. Don’t be afraid to switch up your trailer often until you find the one that works best for fish in your area. You can adjust sizes and colors, as well as overall styles, to see what works with your personal preference and gets the fish excited in your area.

Many anglers know that adding a trailer is great when you want to make a large and very noticeable profile for hungry fish to strike. Keeping a trailer off is better for some finesse situations or if you are fishing in clear water around timid or suspicious fish.

Regardless of your decision, trying out a few different styles of trailers is your best option. The best spinnerbait is only as good as the trailer you pair it with. What works great for many anglers may not work for another, so testing different trailer hooks and your overall presentation is key.

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