Best Ice Fishing Bibs for Winter 2024: 10 Top Picks Reviewed

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Wearing the proper clothing when ice fishing is incredibly important. There are some great options available to ice anglers today, and many have been designed solely with ice fishing in mind. Let’s take a look at some of the top ice fishing bibs on the market today.

Best Ice Fishing Bibs: Quick Picks

Best for Extreme Cold
Eskimo Men’s Keeper Insulated Bib

The Eskimo company does a great job at keeping us warm when we are ice fishing or performing some other outdoor activity in freezing temperatures.

These bibs are exceptionally windproof and waterproof and have anywhere from 65 to 80 grams of insulation throughout the bib. For these reasons alone, the keeper gets our pick for the best ice fishing bib in the extreme cold category, but if you add everything else into it, it's an overall great pick.

Best Overall
Striker Ice Climate Bibs

This ice-fishing bib means business. Not only do you get a high-quality pair of bibs made from high-quality materials and insulation, but you also get a wide range of features like the removable hand wipe towel attachment, Sureflote flotation, and Hydrapore waterproofing.

For these reasons, the StrikerICE climate bib gets our pick as the best ice fishing bib.

Best Value
Arctix Essential Bibs

These bibs are very affordable, and they work. What more can a person really ask for?

The bibs come with good insulation and wear areas (like the knees) are made from high-quality 600D ballistic material, and you even get comfortable elastic shoulder straps.

If you're short on cash, this is the ice fishing bib for you.

Ice Fishing Bibs Reviewed:

Striker Ice Climate Bibs
Striker Ice Climate Bibs
Striker Ice Climate Bibs
Our Score

The striker climate bibs are loaded with features that make ice fishing situations more convenient while doing the important job of keeping you dry and cold.

Some of the convenient features include the magnetic storm flap closures, making it easier to manipulate and secure pockets with frozen fingers or large gloves on. The climate bibs also have removable hand wipe towels so that you can quickly dry your hands when wet, which is crucial in the freezing temperatures that are expected while ice fishing.

 The bibs are great at keeping you warm and dry, having 1680 D snakeskin kneepads, 175 grams of Thermadex insulation, which is removable, 320D nylon shell, and they are constructed with Hydrapore breathable and waterproof material.

Other features are for safety reasons, like the high-visibility and reflective elements and 150g of Sureflote flotation assist technology.

These Striker bibs are an excellent choice for the serious ice angler.

  • Waterproof and warm
  • Great safety features
  • Easily accessible pockets and hand towels
Frabill I-3 High-Performance Winter Bib
Frabill I-3 High-Performance Winter Bib
Frabill I-3 High-Performance Winter Bib
Our Score

The I-3 by Frabill is a great ice fishing bib option made by one of the most trusted companies for ice fishing — and fishing in general.

The I-3 ice fishing bibs are constructed with a 300 denier nylon Taslan shell and are 100% seam-sealed to keep the wind out, keeping you dry and warm.

The bibs have 150g of Thinsulate insulation for added warmth and also have handwarmer pockets that feature a tricot lining. Other great features include elastic shoulder straps with cam-lock buckles, zipper vents to help with temperature regulation, and internal knee and seat padding.

The I-3 bib also features reflective safety portions to make you highly visible after dark.

  • Great safety features
  • Hand-warming pockets with tricot lining
  • The tough and durable outer shell
Arctix Men’s Essential Insulated Bibs
Arctix Men’s Essential Insulated Bibs
Arctix Men’s Essential Insulated Bibs
Our Score

The Arctix men's essential insulated bib is a great low-cost option that can allow ice anglers to have some comfort while on the ice and keep them warm and dry.

The essential bibs have 85 grams of ThermaTech insulation to keep you warm, along with 600 denier ballistic material on the knees, ankles, and hem guards that will hold up against wear and tear while on the ice.

The essential insulated bibs have adjustable comfort suspenders and boot zippers for easily taking off or putting on the bibs.

  • Low cost
  • ThermaTech insulation
  • Ballistic areas to prevent wear
Clam Ice Armor Ascent Float Bib
Clam Ice Armor Ascent Float Bib
Clam Ice Armor Ascent Float Bib
Our Score

The Ice Armor line of clothing from Clam fishing is one of the best out there, and the Ascent is a great option for those looking for a high-quality ice fishing bib.

The Ascent is made from a super-tough 300D waterproof, breathable, and windproof shell, with a 1000D ballistic nylon knee with articulated padding.

Along with the outer shell, you get a 150g Thinsulate liner which is removable.

Other features include zippered handwarmer pockets, 2-way front zippers with magnetic storm flap, adjustable anti-slip suspenders, adjustable inseams with storm gaiters, a waterproof cellphone pouch, a retractable lanyard for tools, a rapid drainage system, and motion float buoyancy technology.

  • 1000D ballistic nylon knees and padding
  • Removable Thinsulate liner
  • Tons of other handy features
Striker Ice Prism
Striker Ice Prism
Striker Ice Prism
Our Score

Hey Ladies, looking for a great set of ice fishing bibs? The Striker Ice Prism is a great pair of ice fishing bibs for women that offers some great features.

The Ice Prism ice fishing bibs will keep you warm and dry and provide great comfort thanks to its durable 320 denier tussor shell and 150 grams of Sureflote insulation, which provides both warmth and safety while also aiding in flotation in the event of a breakthrough.

 The fishing bib features an adjustable waistband and inseam, and the kneepads are reinforced with 1,680 denier snakeskin panels.

For waterproofing, the Ice Prism ice fishing bibs have Hydrapore 5000 laminate that is exceptionally breathable as well as very waterproof, and will withstand years of use. All of these high-quality design features and materials make the Ice Prism one of the best ice fishing bibs for women on the market.

  • Hydrapore 5000 waterproofing
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • 150 grams of Sureflote insulation
WindRider Pro Waterproof Bibs
WindRider Pro Waterproof Bibs
WindRider Pro Waterproof Bibs
Our Score

The WindRider Pro is a great fishing bib that can be used year-round and is great for early spring ice fishing situations when the temperatures are milder.

The WindRider Pro does not feature any insulation, but if insulation is needed, an angler could always layer with warm clothing beneath the bibs. WindRider bibs are waterproof, so staying dry while wearing them is not a concern.

The bibs have some great features like a storm flap to keep wind and airflow out, Cordura reinforcement in the seat, knee, and hem areas, and six pockets — because you can never have too many pockets.

  • A high number of pockets
  • Waterproof
  • Storm flap and reinforced wear areas
Ice Armor Edge Cold Weather Bibs
Ice Armor Edge Cold Weather Bibs
Ice Armor Edge Cold Weather Bibs
Our Score

The Ice Armor line by clam fishing features some of the best ice fishing bibs on the market. The Edge bibs are very comfortable and have a wide range of mobility. They are built with high-quality materials, which include reinforced areas like the knees, which are reinforced with 1,000D ballistic nylon.

The standard material that the bibs are constructed of is a 300D waterproof and windproof shell which is also breathable to help prevent overheating.

Some of the great features of the Edge ice fishing bibs include a 2-way front zipper with magnetic storm flaps, long 2-way leg zippers with magnetic storm flaps to easily put on or take off, Fleece-lined handwarmer pockets, an adjustable inseam system with storm gaiters, adjustable nylon shoulder straps with quick-release clasp, and for the men, a built-in rapid drainage system for when you need to take care of business.

  • Angler-trusted company
  • Fleece-lined hand warmers
  • Great storm flap-centric design
Eskimo Men's Keeper Insulated Bib
Eskimo Men's Keeper Insulated Bib
Eskimo Men's Keeper Insulated Bib
Our Score

The Keeper is one of the best ice fishing bibs out there and is created by the Eskimo company, and they know a few things about keeping people warm in freezing environments.

The bibs are constructed from dura dry 600D polyester fabric, making them windproof, tough and durable while maintaining a high level of mobility.

The Keeper has 80 grams of Thinsulate throughout the bibs and 60 grams in the crotch gusset for added comfort.

The Keeper has fully taped seams for maximum water and wind protection and has other great features like a diamond-shaped crotch gusset, and contoured knees, a partial elastic waistband, stretch torso side panels, and an Uplyft breathable flotation assist.

  • 600D polyester fabric
  • Great design features focused on mobility (crotch gusset, contoured knees, stretch panels)
  • Uplyft breathable flotation assist
StrikerICE Trekker Bib
StrikerICE Trekker Bib
StrikerICE Trekker Bib
Our Score

The Trekker by Striker has everything an ice angler could need in a pair of ice fishing bibs.

The Trekker features a 600D nylon endura outer shell with Hydrapore waterproofing for ultimate protection.

For insulation, the Trekker comes with 150 grams of Sureflote insulation along with 60 grams of Thermadex insulation to keep you warm and comfortable.

Additional features include high visibility reflective elements, adjustable inseam, 210 T interior lining, and fast-draining hems. All these great features make it one of the best ice fishing bibs on the market today.

  • A good amount of insulation
  • 600D nylon endura shell
  • Reflective elements for visibility

Choosing the Best Ice Fishing Bib: Buying Guide

Choosing the right ice fishing bibs is crucial to enjoying a trip on the ice, as it will help you keep warm.


Waterproofing is, hands down, one of the most important elements of any ice fishing clothing, especially bibs. When you are drilling holes all day while proactively searching for fish, the water splashing on your feet and lower legs will freeze, and you don’t want any of that water to penetrate your inner layers and work against the insulation.

It’s important to ensure that you purchase waterproof fishing bibs.


While you are ice fishing, you will be doing it on your knees, which is the way I typically fish on the open ice or while sitting down on something like a foldable stool or, in many cases, a 5-gallon bucket.

Ice fishing will put a lot of wear and tear on your bibs, in particular the knee and seat areas. It’s important to find bibs with added protection in these areas so that they last for years under the tough environments they are worn in.


Fishing in freezing temperatures while standing on a giant sheet of ice means that your clothing has to be able to properly protect you from the cold air.

The amount of insulation can determine the potential of the ice fishing bib to keep you warm, but too much insulation overall throughout all of your layers can be detrimental if you sweat. This is wearing proper base layers, and layers made of materials like wool are also important.

While good insulation is important with ice fishing bibs, it is not as crucial as one would think when you consider the other layers you should be wearing, and this is why many ice fishing bibs come with removable insulated liners.


We already took a look at the importance of reinforcement on certain areas like the seat and knees of your bibs, but overall durability is also important.

Many bibs come with great materials that are incredibly durable, like 300 denier fabric and ballistic reinforced areas. The better the materials, the longer they will keep you dry and warm and hold up over the years on the ice.


While not a necessity, many ice fishing bibs today offer some form of flotation design for safety reasons like falling through thin ice. This could be a personal preference for many anglers, and while they may help in the situation, many are not certified by the coast guard.


It should be noted to many reading this that choosing bibs that fit you is important. Some people may think that getting oversized bibs might be advantageous by allowing for more layers beneath, but this is not the case.

Oversized bibs will wear faster, and the bottoms near the boots will get torn and shredded quickly; it will also inhibit movement.

Ice fishing bibs that are too small have obvious disadvantages. Just like any other type of clothing, you don’t wear undersized jeans or shoes, so why would you do the same with ice fishing bibs?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ice Fishing Bibs Worth It?

ice fishing fisherman in bib 1

Ice fishing bibs are absolutely worth it. They will ensure that you can spend an entire day in comfort on the water, and you also get some great features that can aid you in ice fishing.

Can You Use Snowmobile Bibs for Ice Fishing?

ice fishing fisherman in bib

While you could use snowmobile bibs for ice fishing, they aren’t made for the specific task of ice fishing.
Snowmobile bibs may be much bulkier in many cases and aren’t designed or constructed for mobility.
I can say that in my life, ice fishing in the lakes, I cannot recall seeing an ice fisherman wear snowmobile bibs for the sole purpose of ice fishing, and there must be a reason for that to be the case.

Are Fishing Bibs Waterproof?

ice fishing fisherman in bib with pike

Ice fishing bibs should be waterproof, but some cheap brands may skip corners and not really give much in terms of waterproofing, and others that are not specifically made for ice fishing may not have any at all, like the basic Carhartt bibs that are popular among construction workers, farmers, or other people who work outside year-round.
Be sure that you get bibs that are waterproof.

Final Thoughts on Ice Fishing Bibs

There you have it — our picks for the best ice fishing bibs on the market. Ice fishing bibs are an essential piece of ice fishing gear for anglers who spend countless hours on a giant slab of ice in pursuit of fish, and the fishing bibs on this list are undoubtedly some of the best ice fishing clothing out there.

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