Best Fishing Line Spooler: Our Top 9 Picks Reviewed

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Spooling line can be a tedious job, and doing it the old style method of pinching the line between your fingers while cradling the rod between your legs, or using some other method to make it easier to do, can lead to a spool with loose line wraps or tangles and other line issues.

Let’s take a look at some of the best fishing line spoolers out on the market, they will undoubtedly make your time re-spooling line easy and hassle-free.

Our Best Fishing Line Spoolers: Quick Picks

The 9 Best Fishing Line Spoolers Reviewed

Here are our full reviews of the nine best fishing line winders, spoolers and spooling stations available.

1. Piscifun Fishing Line Winder Spooler Machine

The Piscifun fishing line spooler is an excellent design that will make spooling line quick and easy.

No longer will you have to use a pencil to help spool your fishing line or have your kids or wife help, simply attach your real to the rod holder and add the spool of fishing line, and away you go. It’s just like retrieving a lure.

The winder works great for both narrow and wide spools and can spool reels with monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided lines.

Last but certainly not least, the Piscifun fishing line spooler and winder will work with both spinning reels and baitcasting reels.


  • works with multiple reel types
  • incredibly easy and efficient
  • works with wide and narrow spools


  • fairly large to carry if you are shore fishing or in a kayak

2. Piscifun EZ Fishing Line Spooler Portable Spooling Station System

Another fishing line spooler produced by Piscifun, the EZ fishing line spooler attached directly to your fishing rod to make spooling fishing line on either a bait caster or spinning reel easy. The Piscifun EZ fishing line spooler is incredibly portable and can easily fit in a fishing backpack or even the larger compartment of a tackle box.

The Piscinfun EZ fishing line spooler is also built with durability in mind. It’s made with a high-quality composite fiber to not only make it strong but also to keep it very light and portable.

The Piscifun EZ fishing line spooler also comes with a suction cup mount if you don’t want to attach it to your reel, and can be suctioned to areas like the gel coat finish of a fiberglass boat, or other surfaces that will allow for a secure suctioning hold.


  • light and portable
  • small footprint making it great for storage


  • attaching to a fishing rod may be awkward
  • suction cup needs smooth and clean surface to hold line spool

3. Kousoku Fishing Line Winder Spooler

The Kousoku fishing line spooler is a convenient spooler that is pretty versatile.

The spooler has an adjustable screw-style mounting system that can fit on a wide variety of surfaces and is great for attaching to workbenches, tables, and other types of areas.

You may even be able to clamp this fishing line spooler to the side of a boat, kayak, or canoe in most situations, which means you can keep it in your boat’s storage if you want to keep one with you and not attached to your workbench at home.

The Kousoku fishing line spooler comes with 3 ball bearings for smooth spooling operation, and a gear ratio of 3.5:1 for quick un-spooling of the fishing line when you want to replace the line on your reels.


  • fast un-spooling features
  • can mount on tables and other potential areas
  • can hold multiple spools and both narrow and wide spools


  • while it can attach to many areas, these areas are limited by the screw clamp width
  • does not attach to rods

4. Berkley Mini Line Spooler

The Berkley mini fishing line spooler is a very simple, yet very effective line spooler. A big advantage to the Berkley mini line spooler is that it can fit in your back pocket, tackle bag, boat, or kayak storage compartment, or anywhere.

This fishing line spooler has four attachment points of varying diameters, allowing you to attach to any rod from ultra-light rods to large rods for species like catfish, musky, or large saltwater species.

The rod that holds that spool allows for tension adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune to ensure the fishing line wraps on your reels spool tightly with no loops or tangles.


  • Incredibly compact
  • multiple settings for rod diameter
  • very affordable


  • small size and multiple removable parts may be easy to lose or get misplace
  • plastic construction could break or threading could strip

5. KastKing Radius Line Spooler

The Kastking Radius fishing line spooler is very similar in design to the Berkley spooler, but it does have some interesting design changes.

The design of the radius eliminates line twists when spooling, and has an eyelet set 90 degrees from the rod, instead of allowing the fishing line to go directly to the spool, this helps with the line twist, as well as ensure no knotting or tangling occurs while spooling.

The Radius fishing line spooler has four different mounting points for various rod thicknesses and is also incredibly compact, allowing you to carry it with you anywhere and takes up minimal storage space.


  • Compact
  • multiple rod size mounting options


  • Could easily lose parts or drop out of the boat
  • plastic construction could break or plastic fittings could strip when overtightened

6. Thkfish Fishing Line Spooler/Winder

The thkfish line fishing line spooler is a bench or table clamping line spooler that can fit a number of tabletop or benchtop thicknesses.

The spooler also has spring tensioning for the spool allowing you to adjust from two separate wingnuts for optimal tension while spooling, and the bracket is made of an alloy material for maximum durability.

This fishing line spooler comes in at 12 inches tall and has a clamp adjustment range of nearly 2.5 inches.


  • Good clamp adjustment range
  • spring tensioner


  • not nearly as compact as other brands and designs
  • limited to what you can clamp it to

7. Thkfish Fishing Spooler with Suction Cup

if the table clamping version of the thkfish line spooler isn’t your style, fear not, they also have a suction cup variant in their lineup as well.

with the same great spring tensioning design featured in their other model, along with the alloy bracket, the suction cup variant keeps the great features of the clamping variant but adds a large suction cup which will allow you to attach to a wide variety of surfaces, including your boat or kayak.

This line spooler is more compact than the table clamping variant, which will allow you to store it in your boat, or fish pack easier.


  • more compact than table variant
  • suction cup design


  • cannot mount to a fishing rod
  • suction cup limited to smooth and clean surfaces

8. N/D Portable Universal Fishing Line Spooler

This is another great line spooler design that will allow you to attach the spooler directly to your rod. Like the other rod clamp designs, it features four different options to attach to different rod diameters, and has a simple screw clamping design to allow you to tension the spool for optimal spooling, and help eliminate line loops and other spooling issues.

This line spooler is also very affordable and compact and can fit in your pocket, storage compartment, or tackle box.


  • Compact and light
  • can attach to a wide range of rod diameters


  • plastic could break
  • could get lost easily

9. Goture Fishing Line Spooler System

The Goture line spooler features a great spring tensioning design, along with an alloy bracket to reduce flex and give maximum durability.

The suction cup design allows you to attach the line spooler to many different areas, including your boat or kayak.

It’s also a fairly compact design, which will allow you to store it in your boat, backpack, kayak, or tackle box easily without taking up much space.


  • Suction cup design
  • Alloy brackets


  • Cannot attach to a rod
  • The suction cup will only work on certain surfaces

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Fishing Line Spooler Buyers’ Guide and FAQs

Everything you wanted to know about fishing line spoolers.

Mounting type

There are four different mounting types of mounting system for fishing line spoolers, which we’ve detailed below.

Suction cup

Suction cup mounting allows you to attach the fishing line spooler to a wide variety of surfaces. Even with this flexibility though it is still limited to what It can attach to. You can’t attach the line spooler to your rod, so its application is less attractive for shore fishing or wading, as you cant attach it to a tree, rock, or other objects obviously.

It is a great mounting option for smooth surfaces like tables, and can even be attached to a boat railing or hull if the surface is smooth, like that of a fiberglass boat’s gel coating, roto-molded plastic like a kayak, or clean aluminum.


C-clamps are more limited than suction cup-mounted designs and are limited to areas as table or benchtop ends.

In some cases and with some designs you may be able to attach it to the edge of an aluminum boat hull, a park bench, railing, or other areas if the clamping adjustment is wide enough.

C-clamp-style fishing line spoolers are great to fix semi-permanently in your garage on a workbench, or in your basement where you keep your fishing gear as a fishing line spooling station.

Reel Seat Mount

Fishing line spoolers with reel seats are great, they are essentially the bottom section of a fishing rod, and the end has an apparatus to hold the spool, and in most cases allows for swiveling and efficient fishing line tensioning and spooling.

You can easily carry a reel seat mount design line spooler with you on your fishing excursions, or keep it in your boat in the rod locker with the rest of your fishing rods, or in a storage compartment, without taking up much space.

The reel seat mount is definitely a popular choice among anglers who need to spool a large number of reels quickly, and can even be seen used in bait shops.

Rod Mount

Rod mount spoolers are some of the most popular for a few reasons, they are incredibly compact and you can fit all the components easily in a tackle box storage compartment, the glove box of your boat, or even your pockets.

They also come fitted with multiple mounting options based on rod diameter, so you can use the same spooler for ultra-light rods all the way up to thick saltwater or large gamefish rods. And they allow for tension adjustments for optimal tensioning when spooling to a reel. If you are wanting a highly portable solution, this is probably the best fishing line spooler for you.


Many of the larger table clamping and more mobile versions can take both narrow and wide style spools allowing you to not worry about spool size.

The rod-clamping versions are more limited in spool size and can only take narrower spools. This isn’t a terrible issue as most anglers don’t carry the super large quantity spools with them while fishing, and only bring narrower spools of fishing line, and leave to wide large capacity spools at home.


You need to be able to adjust the tension to properly spool your reel. When you were a kid you probably just pinched the line in your fingers and called it a day, while you clumsily held the rod butt between your legs and tried to reel with your one free hand.

Spoolers make the job much easier and allow you to fine-tune this tension. Tension is important to ensure that the fishing line isn’t wrapped around the reel spool loosely which can cause looping, tangling, and knotting.


Portability is also important, and since not every fishing line spooler is very portable, it might be in your best interest to have a benchtop style fishing line spooler at home, whereas a rod-mount model might be the best fishing line spooler for when you are out on the water.

This gives you options to spool line no matter where you are and can be done from shore, in a boat, at home, or anywhere.

Choice of knot

When spooling line to your reel, the best knot to use to secure the line to your reel is an arbor knot. Another important part of spooling a reel on bait casters or fly reels is to use backing. The backing allows you to use less fishing line, by filling up the spool, and when tied with an arbor knot, ensures that you would have line slipping on the spool, which is the line spinning around on the spool, which makes drag settings useless when setting the hook on a fish.

Final thoughts on the best 10 fishing line spooler choices

Fishing line spoolers make our lives as anglers easier when performing the task of removing or adding lines to our reels. They eliminate wasted lines due to loops and knots and make the task easy and fast. Today we have a wide variety of spoolers to choose from such as table clamping designs and portable rod mounting designs. Pick the line fishing line spooler design that works best for you, and spend less time fidgeting with line and more time fishing.


  • Shawn Chapin is an experienced fishing writer and guide based in Wisconsin, where he loves targeting muskie and a range of other species.

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