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Andy Sparhawk

Fly fishing expert
Fly Fishing
Trout Fishing
Fishing in Colorado


  • Professional outdoor writer with more than a decade of experience
  • Proud resident of Colorado and avid fly fisher and fly tyer
  • Skilled editor and former head of content for Craftbeer.com


Andy Sparhawk is a passionate fly fisher who lives in the Colorado in the heart of the Rockies. He is an experienced writer and editor who puts his personality into his work for Tackle Village and other outdoor publications. He enjoys fly fishing for trout in the Denver area and beyond. From slinging streamers in big rivers to targeting midge feeders in alpine lakes, Andy is happy to take on the challenges of fly fishing and tell great stories about it. He's not afraid to tackle bluegill, smallmouth bass, crappie and other species on the fly rod. His passion is exposing others to the sport of fly fishing through making his writing entertaining and accessible.

Education and Professional Life

Andy graduated from the Metropolitan State Universty of Denver with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. For more than a decade, Andy worked with the Brewer's Association as their digital content editor and then editor in chief of the association's highly regarded website Craftbeer.com. Along with beer, his other passion has always been fly fishing and he's combined his work for the association with regular freelance writing on fly fishing for Tackle Village and other leading publications.

Personal Life

Andy is kept busy raising a young family, writing and enjoying his passion for fly fishing, craft brewing and spending time in beautiful outdoors in Colorado.

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