Yeti Cooler Colors: New Seasonal Shades and Old Faves

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Yeti Cooler Colors Feature Image

Yeti Cooler Colors: New Seasonal Shades and Old Faves

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Yeti Cooler Colors Feature Image

Yeti Coolers are hugely popular in the fishing world. Their popularity is probably no surprise to you if you have ever owned one or know someone who does.

These coolers are some of the best on the market and outperform most others. Yeti has a habit of over-engineering their products to make sure they never let you down and these coolers are no exception.

If you want a cooler that is tough, can put up with all the rigors of the wild, and that keeps your supplies cool and fresh for longer – you can’t really go wrong with a Yeti Cooler.

In this article, we have a look at some of our favorite Yeti Coolers in order to see the color options each one is available in.

Yeti Hard Coolers Color Range

Yeti’s hard cooler range features some genuinely tough and durable coolers. These solid coolers can take a beating so are perfectly comfortable off the beaten track.

If you are heading into the wild and want a cooler that will not only keep your supplies cool but will also be able to handle some rough terrain – this is the range for you.

Yeti Tundra Colors

The Yeti Tundra is one tough cooler. Strong enough for you to stand on, difficult for bears to break into, and just an all-round solid cooler that won’t let your beers get warm either!

If you want one of these iconic Yeti products, there is a medium-sized color range to choose from: Harvest Red, Highlands Olive, Navy, White, Desert Tan, Aquifer Blue

Yeti Roadie Colors

The Roadie is 1 of Yeti’s most popular coolers. It’s lighter than previous models, can hold more, and keeps your supplies cooler for longer. Not only that, but it’s also roomy enough to carry a bottle of wine and still fit nicely in your car’s rear footwell.

You have a choice of 6 colors when choosing your Roadie: Harvest Red, Highlands Olive, Navy, White, Desert Tan, Charcoal

Yeti V-Series Colors

The Yeti V-Series is an engineering feat in the world of coolers. It combines the Yeti Rambler (from Yeti’s drinkware product range) and the Tundra Cooler to form one super-insulated cooler.

This can keep your beers cool for days and, although it’s one of Yeti’s more pricey coolers – how can you put a price on an ice-cold beer after a day of hiking and camping?

If you are heading out on longer adventures and want to make sure you always have something cool to drink – this is a good choice.

The V-Series is only available in stainless steel but this makes it incredibly tough, rust-resistant, and food safe too.

Yeti Soft Coolers Color Range

Soft coolers from Yeti are more mobile coolers. They are made to be carried with you no matter what type of outdoor adventure you are having.

These soft coolers are popular as you can just pick them up and head straight out into the wild. No-fuss, no drama – just get up and go.

Just because they have soft in their name doesn’t mean they lack toughness. All of the Yeti Soft Coolers are made using materials usually found in hazmat suits or whitewater rafts so you can feel confident your lunch is going to be in safe hands.

Yeti Hopper Soft Cooler Colors

The Hopper is a tough, leak-proof, and stylish-looking cooler.

This one is available in various sizes to suit whatever adventure you are heading out on.

There’s a medium-sized range of colors to choose from too: Harvest Red, Highlands Olive, Aquifer Blue, Navy, Charcoal, King Crab Orange

Daytrip Lunch Box

It may look like a regular lunch box but the Yeti Daytrip Lunch Box is far more than that.

It can keep your food fresh for hours so it’s a good choice if you are heading out on a day hike or similar and want to enjoy a nice lunch.

Yeti has made the Daytrip Lunch Box with a water-resistant exterior and it holds its shape even when carried in a backpack all day.

This one is available in a small but stylish color range: Harvest Red, Highlands Olive, Prickly Pear Pink, Navy, Charcoal

Daytrip Lunch Bag

Yeti seems to have thought of everything as the Daytrip Lunch Bag makes for a high-quality, food-cooling lunch bag.

Whether you are spending the day in the wild or at work, your lunch will be cool (or hot) whenever you are ready for it.

It’s foldable and water-resistant too!

The Yeti Daytrip Lunch Bag comes in a slightly larger color range than its Lunch Box counterpart: Harvest Red, Highlands Olive, Aquifer Blue, Prickly Pear Pink, Navy, Charcoal

Final thoughts on Yeti Coolers Colors

Yeti Coolers look cool in any color but it’s always a nice bonus to be able to choose one in a color you like.

You can also get your Yeti Cooler with free shipping when purchased from the Yeti website.

Choose your cooler, pick a color, and then when it arrives you can head straight out into the wild with some fresh food and drink.

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