Best Rod For Zebco Bullet Spincast Reel: 6 Top Picks

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In this article we take a quick look at the iconic Zebco Bullet reel and then examine the best rod for the Zebco Bullet spincast reel. Put one of these reels on the rods below and you’ve got yourself a great outfit that’s easy to use, will catch decent fish and is suitable for children learning to fish.

Zebco Bullet Spincast Reel

You won’t find a better spincast reel than the Zebco Bullet. With 9 ball bearings and a 5.1:1 gear ratio, this reel has the smoothest action and fastest retrieval rate of any reel on the market today. Its all-metal construction and simple dial-adjustable drag make it durable and easy to use. This little reel is perfect for sport fishing your favorite freshwater lake or stream. Partner the Zebco Bullet up with a fast action, lightweight rod and you’ll have the perfect fishing set up.

Best rod for Zebco Bullet: Our Top Choices

Below you’ll see we’ve reviewed six popular rods suitable for pairing with the Zebco Bullet and selected our top picks.

Zebco Rhino Tough Fast Action Rod

They weren’t kidding when they named this rod Rhino Tough. A long-time favorite from Zebco, this medium-fast action rod comes in lengths from 5’6” to 7’0’. Zebco’s graphite inner core wrapped in E-glass makes this rod nearly indestructible. Heavy duty guides are smooth and accurate for beautiful long casts or flipping and jigging. This rod is sensitive enough for slab crappie and strong enough for lunker bass. It’s a great option for pairing with the Zebco Bullet spincast reel.

  • Long-lasting graphite core construction
  • Comfortable foam handle with hook keeper

Zebco Bullet Combo

The Zebco Bullet Combo comes with the IM8 medium action in 6’6” length and the Zebco Bullet spincast reel included. This medium action rod has a split grip WINN handle with nonslip texture added to help you hold on without tiring your hand. Seven heavy duty guides plus a flexible tip with no tangle design help you throw accurate casts. Perfect for 6lb -14lb line, this rod works great when freshwater fishing for bass, catfish, or crappie. It lacks sensitivity for trout and bluegill nibbles.

  • Two-piece graphite core rod 6’6”
  • Medium action rod for sportfishing

Cadence CR6B Extra Fast Rod

The Cadence CR6B Extra Fast Rod is set up for use with a baitcasting reel, but it can be used equalled with the Zebco Bullet or other button-operated spincast reels. The rod is 7 feet long and made of one piece of glass-wrapped graphite. The road is lightweight and well balanced with stainless guides and a sensitive tip. A split grip handle has a twist-lock reel seat with adjustable size rings. This fast-action rod is very limber and flexible. It would make pan fishing lots of fun, but you’d use your muscles to pull in a big catfish or walleye with this rod.

  • Flexible and sensitive
  • Excellent balance and comfort

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik has been around for decades with periodic updates to quality and looks. The one piece graphite core, fiberglass wrapped rod is strong and long lasting and it is a good rod to match with the Zebco Bullet reel. One piece stainless steel guides are strong enough to stand up against braided line, but still get your line out there without tangles. The 10” straight handle could be more comfortable, but holds up to many hours of use. UglyStik’s patented clear tip technology adds sensitivity to the end of the rod to help you detect the tiniest bumps. Shakespeare offers a 7 year warranty on the Ugly Stik rod. 

  • Extra sensitive tip for quick response
  • Recommended for use with 8lb -20lb monofilament or braided line

Berkley Lightning Shock Casting Rod

The Berkley Lightning Shock Casting Rod is 7 feet long with 10” long straight handles. This medium action rod is built on a carbon composite blank with 8 stainless steel guides. Not quite as responsive as some of the others on the list, the Berkley Lightning Shock Rod works best for cast and retrieve sportfishing.

  • 7 foot medium action casting rod suitable for use with Zebco Bullet
  • Best for large sportfish in fresh or saltwater

Piscifun Torrent Casting Rod

Piscifun makes an excellent bait caster rod or for pairing with the Zebco Bullet. The two-piece fiberglass wrapped pole is built over a graphite bland and has 8 lined stainless steel guides with a sensitivity tip. The split EVA handle is ergonomically designed for comfort and grip. The strong, medium action rod can handle walleye, catfish, and stripers without a problem. 

  • Inexpensive yet high quality
  • Designed for use with baitcaster reel

Final thoughts on best rods for spincast reels

For a lightweight spincast reel like the Zebco Bullet, you want a well-balanced rod that is long lasting and sensitive to strikes and bumps. Rods such as the Piscifun Torrent and the Cadence CR6B, while excellent quality fishing rods, are not intentionally set up for use with a spincast reel. Of course, it is possible, but the results would be less than desirable. 

The best rod for spincast reels, in my opinion, has a medium fast action and is well balanced and comfortable for long fishing sessions. Smooth and accurate line guides are a necessity for reaching beyond the lettuce into that little clearing where the fish are hiding. 

A split handle is more form fitted than the straight cork handle some rods have. A nice finish on the handle that resists sweat and slime is a big plus. The twist lock reel assembly should be adjustable to different size reel fittings.

The final point I would consider when choosing a spinning rod is the versatility of the rod. Line diameter and lure weight change with every fishing situation, so the rod needs to be able to accommodate those changes and still offer maximum performance.

For these reasons, I feel the Zebco Rhino Tough rod is the best combination with the Zebco Bullet reel. Not only does the rod have good balance and sensitivity, but it is adaptable to different settings. With the ability to handle 6lb – 14lb test line and cast accurately, this rod is suited to floating a bobber or throwing a rubber worm. Without a doubt, I think it is the best choice of the rods we have reviewed. 


  • Teresa Taylor is a keen kayak fisher and lover of all types of fishing. She writes about a range of fish species for Tackle Village and reviews lures and gear.

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